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How to Set Different Wallpaper on Lock and Home Screen on iOS 16

by Mehvish
iOS 16 Different Wallpaper

While iOS 16 offers significant lock screen customizations, one feature that has irritated many users, including me, is the inability to maintain separate lock screen and home screen wallpapers. The lock screen and home screens’ wallpapers are typically paired, meaning the same image is used on both. However, if you dislike this feature as I do, you’re not alone. Here I will explain how to set a different wallpaper for the lock and home screen in iOS 16 on iPhone in 2 different ways. 

1. Set Different Wallpapers While Changing Lock Screen Wallpaper 

1. Swipe down from the top edge of your iPhone to open the Notification panel. 

iPhone Notification Panel

2. Touch and hold on to any empty space on the notification panel until you see the lock screen customization options. Tap on the Customize button at the bottom if you want to set a different home screen wallpaper for the current lock screen or hit the Add (+) icon button if you want to first add a new lock screen wallpaper as well. 

iPhone Notification Panel

3. Customize the lock screen by adding widgets like battery, weather, or changing the time font, etc. Once you have edited your lock screen, tap on Done at the top. 

iPhone Lock Screen Customize Widget

4. Now, here’s the important step. Instead of pressing Set as wallpaper, tap on Customize home screen.  

iPhone Lock Screen Customize Home Screen

5. Then, you can set a different wallpaper for the home screen. You can choose from a solid color, gradient, or add wallpaper from your photos. You can even add a blur effect to your wallpaper. Tap on Done at the top.

iPhone Customize Home Screen iOS 16

2. Set Different Wallpapers From Settings 

Alternatively, if you have already set a lock screen wallpaper or you want a simpler way to change the home screen wallpaper on your iPhone, you can do so from settings. 

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.  

2. Go to Wallpapers and tap on Customize under the home screen layout.  

3. Now, choose a wallpaper for your current lock screen and hit Done at the top to apply the wallpaper.

iPhone Setting Wallpaper Customize Without lock screen

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How to set different stock wallpapers on the home screen and lock screen on iPhone?

Sadly, iOS currently doesn’t let you set different stock wallpaper like Astronomy on the home and lock screen. You can set a stock wallpaper on the home screen only if paired with the lock screen. However, you may simply do a Google search for “iOS 16 wallpapers”, download the preferred one on your phone, and set it on your home screen by choosing the Photos option when setting the home screen wallpaper.

2. How to link Focus to the lock screen in iOS 16? 

Touch and hold the notification panel to open the lock screen customization. Then, tap on Focus at the bottom of the lock screen. Select the focus that you want to link to that lock screen. Learn how to use focus modes on your iPhone.

3. How to change the font and color of time on lock screen in iOS 16?

Go to the lock screen editing mode. Tap on the Customize button at the bottom. Then, tap on time to change its font and color. Similarly, tap on the Globe icon to change the time style to Arabic, Devanagiri, etc.  

Use Wallpapers Like a Pro on iPhone

I hope Apple allows an easier way to set different wallpapers for home and lock screen on iPhone in the future. Until then, you should know about other tips to customize the wallpaper on iPhone. Learn how to change wallpaper automatically on iPhone. Also, know how to set video as wallpaper on iPhone. Check out the best live wallpaper apps.

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