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How to Use Photo Ambient Wallpapers on Samsung Galaxy Phone

by Ritesh Rawat
Photo ambient wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung’s new One UI 6.1 update introduces a new feature to personalize Galaxy phone’s lock screen wallpaper. That means you can add weather effects to any photo that you set as a screen wallpaper. Since this is a new feature, you’ll need to activate before using it with the wallpapers. Here is how to enable and use Photo Ambient Wallpapers and make your lock screen look truly unique.

What Is Photo Ambient Wallpaper

Photo ambient wallpaper uses advanced intelligence to add overlays on photos according to the time and weather of your location. These overlays seamlessly merge with your wallpaper to create an interactive experience – almost like a Live Wallpaper but with effects instead of a visual loop. By utilizing real-time data from the Samsung Weather app, this feature intelligently adapts the overlay to match the current weather conditions and time of day.

It may not work seamlessly with all photos. Hence, you’ll need to use photo ambient wallpaper with outdoor photos captured during daylight and avoid using nighttime or indoor photos.

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Enable Photo Ambient Wallpaper

To enable these weather effects on your lock screen, you need to first enable photo ambient wallpaper. Here are the steps to do it.

1. Go to Settings and choose Advanced features. From there, simply tap on Labs.

Labs on Galaxy phones

2. Tap on Photo ambient wallpaper and turn on the toggle to activate this feature.

Photo ambient wallpaper

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How to Set Photo Ambient Wallpaper

After the Photo ambient feature is enabled, follow the steps provided below to set any photo as ambient wallpaper.

1. To set photo ambient wallpaper, go to Settings and tap on Wallpaper and Style. Select the option Change wallpapers.

Wallpaper and style on Galaxy Phones

2. In the Creative section, choose Photo ambient and browse through your phone’s Gallery to select any image you want for your wallpaper.

Select images for Ambient Wallpaper

3. After selecting the image, you can preview how it will appear on your lock screen. You can drag and adjust the wallpaper and personalize your lock screen further. Finally, you can also view how the weather effects will look on the wallpaper by tapping on the play icon.

Preview Ambient Wallpaper

4. Here is a sneak peek of how your wallpaper will look when it rains or snows in your area.

Ambient Wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy phones

6. Once you finalize your wallpaper, tap on Done and it will be set as your lock screen wallpaper.

Ambient Wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy phones

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Galaxy’s Wallpaper Gets Lively

Photo ambient wallpaper feature will be available with One UI 6.1 which is currently available on Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Ambient wallpaper is a labs feature, so only certain weather conditions are currently supported. Moreover, variations in the time of day may not always provide an accurate representation of the current conditions, and it may take some time for the results to become visible.

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