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How to Use Transcripts on Apple Podcasts

by Ritesh Rawat
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With iOS version 17.4, Apple Podcasts got updated with a new feature of transcripts. These transcripts provide a full-text display for every episode, enhancing accessibility. You can now read the entire text of an episode, search for specific words or phrases within the episode, and even tap on the text to start playing the podcast from that exact point. As the episode plays, each word is highlighted to make it easy to follow. Let’s explore how transcriptions work in Apple Podcasts.

How to Use Transcripts on Apple Podcasts

Podcast creators have the option to add transcripts to their podcasts. If they choose not to, Apple automatically generates transcripts for the podcasts. Transcriptions on Apple Podcasts are available in English, French, German, and Spanish.

When you play a podcast on the Apple Podcasts app, on the Now-Playing screen you will see a lyrics icon (just like on Apple Music) on the bottom-left corner of the screen. Once you tap on it, the podcast’s transcription will appear.

Lyrics icon on Apple Podcast and Transcript

The podcast will automatically follow along with the transcript as the audio plays, allowing you to read along while listening. If you tap on any paragraph in the transcript, it will start playing the audio at that portion of the transcript.

You can see chapter markers here mentioned as headers. Creators can also add the name of the speaker in the transcription.

You can tap on the Search button at the bottom to look for any words or sentences from the podcast in the transcription. Use the arrows to go up or down to find the searched word through the transcription.

At the top right, you can tap on the three horizontal dots (Meatball menu) and select View Transcript. The entire transcript will be displayed, allowing you to read it like a long article.

You can still search the transcript using the magnifying glass icon and select text just like in a regular document. Additionally, you can utilize the built-in iOS translate features to get a translation of the text right within Apple Podcasts.

Copy transcript on Apple Podcasts

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Read the Podcast

With the introduction of transcripts in Apple Podcasts, accessibility takes a significant leap forward, ensuring that everyone, regardless of hearing ability or preference, can engage with their favorite podcasts more comprehensively.

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