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Some Clever Use of Your Old Android Phone

by Mrinal Saha
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Do you have an old Android laying around your house? Or are you planning to buy a new one? Whatever be the case, you will have to deal with your old Android phone. Of course, selling it is not an option these days. Nobody buys a used device.

Android cup cake

In most cases, it will just end lying in some corner of your house. And soon you will forget it. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are some clever uses of your old Android phone or tablet.

#1 Use it as a security camera

You can use quickly convert your old Android into a surveillance camera. Download IP webcam or Android from Google Play. Once you start this app, it will show you an IP address, enter it in your browser, and that’s it.

Now your stream live video feeds captured by your Android’s camera. If you have a toddler in your house, then you can use this setup as, nanny cam. See gif

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#2 Track with GPS

Let say you are visiting an unfriendly neighborhood, where your car (or any item) might be stolen. Just put your old smartphone to silent mode, turn ON GPS and hide it. Now you can track it, without anyone know it.

You can go one step further by installing anti-theft apps like LockWatch or Cerberus. Other than tracking GPS location, these apps can also capture images, record audio from remote computers.

#3 Universal Remote control

Use your spare Android as a permanent remote control for your chrome cast or smart Tv.

Control your PC with Android- remote mouse

With remote control apps like the remote mouse, you can pause and play videos on your computer. Some DSLR has Android app, to control them remotely. Same thing with Philips hue lights.

#4 Digital photo frame

An old Android tablet can make an excellent photo frame. Start by purchasing a cheap dock or a stand.

Next install Photo Slides from play store. It will grab stored images and show them as the slideshow. To pull images from your Instagram, Facebook, Google+, etc., use Dayframe.

#5 Permanently install in your car

There are several reasons, why you should permanently install your old Android phone to in your vehicle. For instance:

1. You can use it as a music player and save the battery of the primary phone.

2. Use it as dashcam with app like AutoGuard Dash Cam

3. Install offline map like ‘Nokia Here.’

#6 For guest

If you often have those guests, who use your internet. Then instead of telling them your Wifi password or handling your personal computer. You can just lend them your old smartphone.

This way you won’t have to worry about privacy or log out of your personal accounts, every time you lend them your device.

#7 Family media player

If your family is tech savvy, then replace those stick notes on your fridge with old Android. Use Evernote for notes taking Google calendar to sync your family schedule. You can also play music or stream videos while working in your kitchen.

#8 Give it to your child

Kids love playing games and watching cartoons. And if you kids in your home, then this is the best way to utilize your old smartphone.

Use these parental apps to block all the stuff; you don’t want them to see. The good thing about them is, they let you monitor you kids activity from a remote computer.

Fill it with some games and educational videos that you kids like. If the child is old enough to read, consider offline Wikipedia. The whole encyclopedia can fit in 3.6 GB. Really!

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