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Top 3 Ways to Share Screen on iPhone

by Parth Shah
share screen on iPhone

Sharing your iPhone screen can be quite useful when you want to showcase something on your phone, give presentations on the go, and even point out a specific setting to troubleshoot a friend and parents’ iPhone. You already know the scenario why you want to share the iPhone screen. The question is, how? Let us show you the top three ways to share screen on iPhone.

Share Screen on iPhone

Starting with iOS 15, there are more ways to share your iPhone screen. We will show you three tricks to do the same.

1. FaceTime

Apple has added screen-sharing functionality in FaceTime with the iOS 15 update. It’s a part of the SharePlay add-on to share screen, and watch movies together over the call. How’s how you can share your iPhone screen using FaceTime.

1. Open FaceTime on iPhone.

2. Tap on New FaceTime and start a FaceTime call.

create facetime call

3. Once the call is connected, tap on the SharePlay button at the top-right corner.

4. Select the Share My Screen option and the participants over the call will be able to see your screen.

share screen on iPhone on facetime

Navigate to an app or open a PPT file that you want to share with others on the call. Using SharePlay, you can also listen to music together over FaceTime group calls.

The screen sharing functionality is available in iOS 15 or higher version on iPhone. If you are running older iOS software, you won’t be able to see the option to share the screen on iPhone. Follow the steps below to install the latest iOS version on iPhone.

1. Open Settings on iPhone.

2. Go to the General menu.

3. Select Software Update.

update iOS

4. Download and install the newest available OS.

You should also ask others on the FaceTime call to install iOS 15 as the shared screen will only appear for them if they are on the latest iOS build.

Let’s talk about FaceTime shortcomings. Even though Apple has made FaceTime available on Android and Windows, users joining the FaceTime call via Android phone or Windows laptop won’t be able to see your shared screen.

So basically, this option is only suitable if everyone over the call is using iPhone/iPad or Mac to participate in the call. For cross-platform functionality, we would advise using either Google Meet or Telegram.

2. Google Meet

Google Meet is natively available on iPhone, Android, and the web. Using Google Meet on iPhone, you can easily share the screen with others. Unlike FaceTime’s 32 participant limit, you can connect with up to 100 participants at once over the Google Meet call.

1. Download the Google Meet app from the App Store.

DownloadGoogle Meet

2. Open the Google Meet app and tap on the New Meeting button at the top.

3. Share the meeting link with others and wait for them to join the call.

4. From the active Google Meet call screen, tap on the three-dot menu and select Share screen.

google meet call

5. iOS will open the Screen Broadcast menu. Make sure Meet is selected and tap on the Start Broadcast option.

share screen on iPhone with google meet

After a 3-second timer, everyone on the Google Meet call will be able to see your screen.

At any time, you can tap on Stop sharing in Google Meet on iPhone and stop sharing screen.

3. Telegram

There are many IM apps offering screen-sharing functionality on iPhone. Among them, we have pinned down on Telegram for a flawless screen-sharing experience. Here’s how you can share your iPhone screen over a Telegram video call.

1. Open Telegram and go to a conversation.

2. Start the video call and once the call is connected, disable the camera toggle.

turn off camera in telegram

3. The app will ask you to select another screen for users on a call.

4. Slide to Phone Screen and hit the Continue button at the bottom.

share screen on iPhone telegram

iOS will open a familiar Screen Broadcast menu to start sharing the screen with others.

Get Work Done on iPhone

We tested all three methods to share the iPhone screen. FaceTime worked like charm with other Apple users. While Telegram and Google Meet are most suited for Android and Windows users.

You shouldn’t make it a habit of doing presentations on iPhone though. The overall experience is quite limited, and you won’t be able to use functions like whiteboard over screen sharing on iPhone.

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