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How to Link to a Specific Part of a Webpage and Share it

by Mrinal Saha

When you click a URL, the browser opens it in a new tab and takes you to the top of the web page. But what if, you want to go to a specific part of a webpage? Like the childhood entry Steve Jobs on Wikipedia or a particular Facebook post or a question on Stack Exchange. This way your audience doesn’t have to waste time navigating the website. Let’s learn how to link to a specific part of a webpage and share it.

1. Using Native Method

Chrome browser offers a native feature to link to a specific part of a webpage and share it. You can use it on any computer (Windows or Mac) and even Android or iOS.

1. In the Chrome browser, go to the website text to which you want to link.

2. Select the text by clicking and holding the mouse button.

3. Then, right-click on the selected text and select Copy link to highlight.

That’s it. Now, paste the copied link wherever you want to share that specific part of the webpage.

Pro Tip: If the native method doesn’t work, you can also use Link to Text Fragment Chrome extension from Google to link to a specific part of a webpage.

2. On Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media

To link to a specific post on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, or even Stack Exchange, etc, look for the post’s time stamps. Once you find it, right-click it and copy its URL. Now, if you paste the URL in a new tab, you’ll only see that particular post. This works for most websites that use timestamps.

Tip: Know how to share Facebook URL of posts, profiles, etc.

3. On Wikipedia

If you often link the wiki page, Wikipedia has a native option. Navigate to the Contents section of the Wiki page and you will find jumpoints already created. Right-click on the section name that you want to copy and select Copy link address from the menu.

Closing Words

I hope now you know how to share highlighted text for any web page on Chrome. This is particularly great for students and teachers who want to share important parts of a research paper or an article. Before you go, check out best text expanders for Chrome.

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