How to Link to a Specific Part Of A Webpage & Share it

When you click a URL, the browser opens it in a new tab and takes you to the top of the web page. But what if, you want to go to a specific part of a webpage. Like the childhood entry Steve Jobs on Wikipedia or a particular Facebook post or a question on Stack Exchange. This way your audience doesn’t have to waste time navigating the website.

Link to a Specific Part of a Webpage

1. Use ID Tag

Say you are writing an article, where you are linking to a specific answer from StackOverflow. Unlike Reddit, there is no permalink in StackOverflow, so you’ll have to manually edit the HTML code.

Thankfully most browsers have the ability to Inspect Elements.

Simply go to that answer you want to link to and Right-Click on the area near it. From the right-click menu choose Inspect Element option. Inspect-Elements-in-chrome

It’ll show you HTML code, look for an ID tag or Value option. Once you find it, copy it on your clipboard.


Next, take the URL of the web page and append the #ID at the end of it.

For instance, if the URL of the page is —

and its ID is — 29279234, then the jump URL will become –

And that’s it when someone clicks that link, it will take them directly to that part of the page.

2. Facebook

To link to a specific post on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter or even Stack Exchange, etc, look for the post’s time-stamps. Once you find it, right-click it and copy its URL. Now, if you paste the URL in a new tab, you’ll only see that particular post. This works for most websites that use timestamps.


3. Wikipedia

If you link often link wiki page you can easily link the section by copying the link in the content section.



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