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3 Ways to Remove Background From Image on Samsung/Android

by Ravi Teja KNTS
How to remove the background from image on Android

Have a messy background or want to remove the background and use the photo elsewhere? There are many ways to remove background from images on Samsung as well as other Android phones. Instead of suggesting photo editing apps where you have to cut the background manually, we recommend AI-powered apps that can easily remove the background from images with minimal input and touch.

1. Photo Cutout Feature on Samsung

With the latest Samsung One UI 5.1 and the new Gallery app update, Samsung has integrated background removing features directly into the Gallery. It is faster and more accurate compared to many other third-party services.

1. Let’s start by making sure that you are running on the latest OneUI 5.1 version. To do that, open the Settings app and select the Software update option.

Software update option on Samsung

2. Now select the Download and install option. If there is any update available, you can download and install it. If not, make sure that you are running on One UI version 5.1 or above.

Download and install Software update on Samsung

3. After One UI is updated, make sure that you are on the latest version of the Samsung Gallery app in the Galaxy Store and updating it to the latest version.

update samsung gallery app in galaxy store

4. Open the photo where you want to remove the background in the Gallery app.

5. Tap and hold the subject for a few seconds. It will automatically remove the background and open a menu.

cut or lift subject from image without background in samsung gallery app

6. You can either tap on Copy from context menu and paste the subject anywhere without the background.

copy subject from image without background in samsung gallery app

7. Or, tap on Share to share the subject from the image without the background.

share the subject from an image without background in samsung gallery app

8. Tap on Save as image to save it as a separate image without the background.

save subject as new image without background in samsung gallery app

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2. Remove.bg App

Undoubtedly, there are many apps on the Play Store that can remove background from images. But some of them do an underwhelming job at removing the background, and others need a monthly subscription to use it. Remove.bg app hits the spot. It does a good job of removing the background from images and also separating the hair which can be really tricky. Also, it is free to download the final image in compressed quality, however, downloading original-quality images requires 1 credit.

1. Download and install the Remove.bg app from the Play Store.

Download Background remover app on Android

2. Open the app, and tap on the Upload image button. Now grant permission to the camera or your storage to upload the image.

Upload image to remove bg app

3. Now select either the Camera or Photos option to shoot or select an image that you want to remove the background of.

uploading image from gallery or camera

4. Once uploaded, it will remove the background automatically. You can then download the processed image without the background by tapping on Download button.

Downloading image from remove bg

5. To download in original size, tap on the Download HD option. You need to sign-up for the first time and it consumes 1 credit from your account.

sign up free on remove bg

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3. Erase.bg Website

If want original quality images after removing backgrounds then you can choose Erase.bg. While Erase.bg also has a pro plan, users get 45 credits every month for free where each credit can be used to download one high-quality image. Erase.bg is a website with no mobile apps.

1. Open Erase.bg website and tap on the Upload Image button.

Upload image to erase.bg website

2. Select the image from which you want to remove the background. Tap on Camera to take a photo. Once selected, tap on Done at the top right corner.

3. Once uploaded, the background will be removed from the image automatically. No need to sign up. Just tap on Download Original Size button to get the image.

Downloading original size image from erase.bg

4. When you upload the second photo, you may be asked to sign-up. Tap on the Sign up for Free option and log in using your Google account or email id.

signing up on erase.bg app

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Removing Background From Images

If you are using a Samsung phone, go straight for the in-built Gallery app feature which is fast, free, and accurate. If you are using an Android phone from a different manufacturer, Remove.bg gets the work done. Even though it compresses the output in the free version, the overall quality isn’t much different. If you prefer to download images of original quality, try Erase.bg. You get plenty of free credits every month and buying credits is also cheaper comparatively.

You can also use AI to generate images on the fly using nothing but text.

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