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Additional Features you get by Adding Close Friends on Instagram

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Instagram has a feature where you can select a list of close friends. Obviously, you can share stories that can be only visible to people in your ‘close friends’ list. But rather than that, there are few other advantages you can get by adding close friends on your list.

Additional Features you get by adding close friends on Instagram

1. Your Stories get the additional attraction.

When you select your close friend’s list and send stories only for that list. Instagram shows that story at the front and in a different green color giving it more importance.

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showing green circle for close friends status

you can also know who has seen your story just like normal Instagram stories. Anyhow, they can know that they are in your ‘close friends’ list as when you share the story only with close friends, the story appears in a green color circle instead of pink saying that the story is only shared with close friends. Check out, best story template apps so that you can make awesome stories to share with friends.

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close friends option showing how many have seen the post.

You can even share Instagram music, if it’s not available in your region, check out this guide to fix it. Or go even further and take full advantage of this close friends list by installing the Threads app.

2. An app called Threads designed only for Close friends

Threads is an app from Instagram specially made for close friends feature. You can direct message, but only to the people in your ‘close friends’ list, making it a simple & clean app to chat with most important people.  You can also share stories from this app that are only visible to people in your ‘close friends’ list.

And mostly, you can share stories to selected people or even only one person which is not possible in the native Instagram app. You can get the app for both Android and iOS from the Play Store and the App Store respectively.

screenshot of the treads app

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3. Snapchat like view only once feature.

One feature that Instagram totally looses to Snapchat is the automatic deletion of pictures after viewing. But you can access that from the Threads app by sharing the story keeping it in view once option. Everyone in your ‘close friends’ list can see these stories, or you can either select a few people or a single one to send the photo only to them.

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View only feature in thread app

4. Automatic Status

You have a separate status option which only close friends can see them. This status will be visible to your friends right inside the chat. whenever you change the status, it will add a message to everyone in your close friends.

keeping automatic status from threads app from instagram

The best part is, it doesn’t notify your friends whenever you have changed the status, so people can live in peace without getting bombarded with status message updates.

Image showing status in chat box of threads app

5. Create personalized groups within your close friends

Apart from the direct messages, stories, and status, you also have the group’s option to completely making it feature-packed. Coming to the groups part, it just provides you group chat just like on any chat app but only with people in close friends list.

The fact that Instagram providing an entire app just based on one feature shows how much Instagram cares about the close friends feature.

creating group on threads app

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Wrapping up

The best part of this ‘close friends’ list is a private list that only you can see who’s on your list. You can access this feature by opening Instagram > Profile > menu > Close friends and select close friends from the people you follow. As said this list is a private list and no can access it except you. What do you think of these features, let me know in the comments below?

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