2 Best Keylogger Apps for Android to Recover Deleted Text

You know how you feel when you are done typing a message and your phone shuts down due to low battery? Frustrated is the word you are looking for here. While shutdowns are rare, app crashes are not. You have to type everything all over again and you are worried it wouldn’t be that good this time.

Enter keyloggers. The purpose of a keylogger is to maintain a log of all the keystrokes on your device. Pretty simple and very handy. In fact, it is so handy that it is one of the primary tools of hackers. This is one of the ways they steal your passwords. Yeah, I know. Sick.

But, we are not hackers. We will use legit keylogger apps to help us remember what we typed in case we have to go over it again. You know, for times when you inadvertently hit the back button twice.

Keylogger Apps for Android

Here are two keylogger apps that you can use to help you recover deleted text on your Android smartphones.

1. Type Machine

The way Type Machine works is very similar to how a clipboard manager would work. The only difference is that in case of a clipboard manager, the text is saved only when you select it and copy it. Type Machine operates quietly in the notification area whenever you type something.

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Everything you type or edit is saved. You control which apps Type Machine will monitor.

Type Machine

You can lock the app with a pin code. There are undo and redo buttons so you can easily go back and forth with your message. This works the same way you use undo on any Microsoft software like Word.

The app is not complete though. Type Machine saves everything in descending order but there is no calendar option to jump around dates.

The search button is missing. I should be able to search for a particular message. We use our smartphones to type all the time and messages can quickly pile up. A simple search option could do wonders.

It seems like the app is dying a slow death. It was last updated in the year 2015. It has so much potential, but I guess the developer moved on. We need to do the same.

The developer has bad news for Samsung users. Rojekti says that “due to bugs in Samsung’s operating system Type Machine may be incompatible with your device.” Sorry guys, but I have a solution. Read on.

Download Type Machine ($1.99)

2. Inputting Plus

Meet the competition. Inputting Plus is alive and kicking. It improves upon Type Machine in many ways. Like Type Machine, you can choose which apps you want to monitor and which ones you don’t, by adding them to a blacklist. Banking apps should go here.

When you begin typing, the keyboard will pop open and with it, you should see a blue icon floating in the corner. You can tap on it to use the familiar undo and redo buttons. Inputting Plus is logging all text that you are writing and editing.

The floating bubble failed to pop up in my case. Some other users, using OnePlus, have also reported the floating bubble issue. Not a deal breaker because you can still access everything from the notification center.

inputting plus notification drawer

There is a find and replace button which is way better than a simple search button. You enter the word you want to find with the word you want to replace it with. There is also a clipboard manager available but you will have to download Clip Stack for it to work.

One feature that I think was really cool was the Timeline feature. How do you remember what you typed last Sunday? Timeline will save all the text date and time wise. You can move around dates using the built-in calendar app. The free version will store 10 pieces of text only. The pro version will cost you $1.99 and offer unlimited saves for the timeline feature.

inputting plus find and replace

Inputting Plus is a local app and will never monitor your passwords. There is an optional toggle for that, but I recommend something like LastPass for managing your passwords. Much more secure though not flawless. You will, however, have to grant it access to Accessibility Settings to allow it to monitor your keystrokes.

Download Inputting Plus (Freemium $1.99)

Wrapping Up: Keylogger Apps for Android

I wish Android had a redo and undo functionality built-in. It is not like something that can’t be done. Microsoft did it eons ago and most writing and editing apps come with this feature. Surprisingly, now when I come to think of it, none of the keyboard apps offer this either.

I would recommend Inputting Plus. It has more features to offer, the free version works just fine for me, and the developer is active. The timeline and search button is a life saver.

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