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10 Fixes for Animated Album Art Not Working on Apple Music

by Ritesh Rawat
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iOS 17 has brought several features with it and one of them is animated album art on Apple Music. However, for some users, the animated album art is not working or displaying when they open a song or playlist. There is some prerequisites that you need to satisfy before animated album art will work on your Apple Music. And then there are some fixes you can try. Here they are.

1. Check iOS Version

Animated art for Apple Music was introduced with iOS 17. Make sure your iPhone is running on iOS 17 or above.

1. To check the iOS version, navigate to Settings > General > About.

About section in Settings

2. Here, you can view the iOS version of your iPhone.

If your iOS version is below 17, follow these steps to update it, provided your iPhone model is compatible.

1. Go to Settings > General as mentioned in the previous steps and navigate to Software Update > Upgrade to iOS 17.

2. Enable Animated Art

So you are on the latest iOS version and still animated art is not working on the Apple Music app. There might be a chance that animated art is disabled in the settings of the music app. There is a toggle to enable or disable the animated art for Apple Music in the Settings of your iPhone. Once enabled, go back to the Music app and animated art should be working for you.

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3. Check Internet Connection

Animated art only works when Apple Music is connected to the internet. Therefore, it won’t work with the downloaded songs while listening to them offline. Also, poor internet connection can also disable the animated art. You can check your internet speed to ensure that the internet is running fine. There are also apps like Fast (From Netflix) and Speedtest that can download to test internet speeds.

If animated art is working on Wi-Fi but not on the cellular network, it may not have been set up correctly. For this, go to Settings > Music > Animated Art as explained earlier, and ensure to set it to On instead of Wi-Fi Only.

4. Disable Low Power Mode

Once your iPhone’s battery level reaches 20 percent, it automatically enables low power mode. When the iPhone is in low power mode, it disables the animated art to save battery drain. Follow the steps mentioned below to disable low battery mode.

1. Jump to Settings and tap on Battery. Here disable the toggle next to Low Power Mode to disable it.

Battery and low power mode toggle on iPhone

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5. Turn Off Reduce Motion

If the Reduce Motion setting on your iPhone is enabled, it can reduce the motion and animation on your screen resulting in animated art getting disabled on Apple Music automatically. Let’s check if this setting is enabled for your iPhone and then disable it.

1. Open Settings and select Accessibility. Here, tap on Motion.

Accessibility and Motion settings on iOS

2. Tap on the toggle next to Reduce Motion to disable it.

Reduce motion toggle on iOS

In case you are prone to motion sickness and want to keep Reduce Motion enabled across all apps and services, you can disable this setting only for the Apple Music app.

1. Jump to Settings > Accessibility > Scroll to the bottom and select Per-App Settings. Here, tap on Add App.

per app settings on iOS

2. Search through the list of apps or search for Music and tap on it. Now that it is added, select Music.

Add Apple Music app for per app settings

3. Here, look for the option Reduce Motion and select Off.

Reduce mottion options for Apple Music

6. Disable Increase Contrast

Increase Contrast in iOS Settings enhances the visibility of text and screen elements, aiding those with low vision or those dissatisfied with default contrast. However, enabling this setting disables the animated art on Apple Music. To disable it, follow the steps mentioned ahead.

1. Go to Settings > Accessibility as mentioned in the previous method and select Display & Text Size.

Display and text size in Accessibility

2. Disable this setting by tapping on the toggle next to Increase Contrast.

Increase contrast toggle

7. Enable Background Refresh

Disabling Background App Refresh on your iPhone may cause the cover art to not animate. This occurs because the app is not updating in the background, potentially leading to the album’s animation not being retrieved.

1. Head to Settings > General. Within the General settings menu, scroll down and tap on Background App Refresh.

background app refresh in settings

2. Here, tap on Background App Refresh and select Wi-Fi & Cellular Data.

Toglle to disable/ enable background app refresh

3. Also, scroll through the list of apps and make sure background app refresh is enabled for Music.

List of apps for background app refresh

8. Reinstall Apple Music App

If animated art is still not working on your iPhone, uninstalling and reinstalling the Apple Music app may solve this issue. Reinstalling the app can fix a bunch of problems like cache and data problems, update or configuration errors, and compatibility issues. It’s like giving the app a fresh start and can help troubleshoot this issue.

1. To uninstall the app, long-press the Apple Music icon and select Remove App. Then, tap on Delete App.

Delete and iPhone app

2. Now, open the App Store and type Apple Music in the search bar. Once found, tap on the download button to start downloading the app.

Apple Music in App Store

9. Restart Your iPhone

If previous ways have not fixed your issue, you can try restarting your iPhone. Restarting a device is like a magic trick. It stops those annoying processes, may fix software bugs, reloads drivers and firmware, and clears out the clutter. It’s the easiest way to fix stuff and get things back to normal.

10. Animated Art Not Available Yet

So you tried every possible way and still animated art is not working on Apple Music. There is a chance that the cover art for that specific song or album has not been updated by the artist, therefore it’s not available. However, you can try another song or album that has animated album art, like CHARLIE by Charlie Puth to check if the animated art is working.

Hello Animation

We hope you can now enjoy the super cool and fun animated art after going through all the fixes. It’s a rad way to vibe with your favorite tunes and really get into the groove. Plus, it totally brings the album artwork to life and helps you see the artist’s vision in a whole new way.

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