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3 Ways to Get iPhone’s Emojis on Android

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Imagine sending nerd emojis to your friend, only to have them look like rabbit faces on your friend’s iPhone. Android phones and iPhones use different emoji designs, sometimes leading to miscommunication. Whether you prefer the iOS emojis or want to see them exactly as iPhone users do, here’s how to get iPhone Emojis on your Android phone.

1. Change Keyboard

One of the easiest ways to solve the emoji translation issue is to use a different keyboard that uses iPhone emojis. However, you can only view the iOS emojis on the keyboard. But once you send them via any messaging app, they will again look like your default Android emojis.

Because a keyboard cannot control how emojis look on your entire OS. You can use a keyboard with iOS emojis to enjoy how they actually look on your Android phone.

Many third-party keyboard apps support iOS emojis on Android. Among the keyboards we have tried, iOS emojis for Android keyboard and Kika Keyboard works great. Download either of the apps from the Google Play Store.

Download iOS Emoji Keyboard

Download Kika Keyboard

Complete the setup process and set them as your default keyboard. After that, you can start seeing iOS emojis on your keyboard. However, you can see the iOS-style emojis only on the keyboard, but not on the chat app. Whenever you use the image, the Android OS will automatically change it to the one fit for your Android phone.

iOS emoji keyboard on Android

2. Change Your Font

Changing the keyboard only changes the emojis on the keyboard but on the messaging app itself. But you can change the emoji font on your phone to iOS to get iOS emojis on your Android phone. However, note that third-party font-changing apps only work on some Android phones from makers like Samsung, Vivo, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei/Honor, Oppo, and Realme.

You can change fonts on other manufacturer phones if your phone is rooted. Remember rooting your phone may result in the loss of the warranty.

1. Get and install the zFont 3 app on your Android phone.

Download zFont 3 app

2. Open the app and tap on the See All button beside the Emoji Fonts option.

emoji fonts on Android

3. Search for iOS in the search bar and select the emoji pack that resembles iPhone emojis.

Searching for iOS emoji font on Android

4. On the next page, tap on Download and tap on Apply when it completes downloading.

Applying iOS Emoji font on Android

5. On the pop-up, select the font for the text. The font options vary based on your phone model and make. After you select a font option, tap on the Build button.

Building iOS Emoji font on Android

6. You have built a font with iPhone emojis. The process of applying the font can be different on each Android. However, the app does provide you with a step-by-step process. Just follow the on-screen instructions by tapping on each step.

Installing iOS emoji font on Android

You have successfully changed the font to the one that supports iOS emojis on your Android. Combine this process with changing the keyboard to use iOS emojis on your keyboard and other messaging apps.

3. Using Magisk Module (Rooted Devices Only)

Changing the font method only works on select Android phones, and Magisk also provides more accurate-looking iPhone emojis than the previous methods. However, this method only works on rooted Android phones.

1. On your rooted Android phone, install the latest version of the Magisk Manager app.

Download Magisk Manager

Installing Magisk Manager on Android

2. Get the latest version of the iOS Emoji Magisk Module. Open this GitHub link, tap on the Asserts option under the latest version, and tap on the Magisk iOS Emoji zip to download it.

Download iOS Emoji Magisk Module

Downloading iOS Emoji Magisk Module

3. Open the Magisk Manager app and tap on the Modules tab in the bottom bar.

4. Then tap on the + icon at the bottom.

5. In the file selector that opens, select the downloaded iOS Emoji Magisk Module file to flash it.

After that, restart your Android phone and check its iPhone emojis.

iPhone Emojis on Android

You can rely on a keyboard app to check the iPhone emojis before sending them. Alternatively, you can search for iOS emojis online and copy-paste them. But to change the emojis on your end, you either have to change the font on your device or install a Magisk module on your rooted Android phone.

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