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How to Add Apple Watch Battery Widget to iPhone Lock and Home Screen

by Mehvish
check apple watch battery widget on iphone

Picture this: your Apple Watch is charging or is nearby, and you are doing something on your iPhone. Now, a thought to check the battery of your Apple Watch comes to your mind. For that, you will need to get up and manually check the watch to see its battery level. What if you could check the Apple Watch battery percentage on your iPhone? Yes, you can do this by adding a battery widget on the iPhone’s lock or home screen. Let’s learn how to do so.

How to Add Apple Watch Battery Widget to iPhone Lock Screen

To check the Apple Watch battery on your iPhone’s lock screen, use these steps to add the battery widget to the lock screen.

Short Version

  1. Open the lock screen customization screen on your iPhone.
  2. Add the Batteries widget.
  3. Edit the widget and select Apple Watch as the default device.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Long press on your lock screen and press the Customize button followed by the Lock Screen option.

2. Press the highlighted widget section where you want to add the battery widget. The Add Widgets screen will show up. Scroll down and tap on Batteries.

3. Tap on the preferred widget style to add to the lock screen. Then, tap again on the added battery widget.

4. Turn off the toggle next to Automatic and tap on Devices

5. Select your Apple Watch from the list. This is an important step, otherwise, the battery percentage of Apple Watch will not necessarily show on the iPhone widget. So make sure to select Apple Watch. Then, tap on the Cross (X) icon.

6. Finally, tap on Done to save the changes.

Pro Tip: If you have already added the battery widget to the lock screen, then double-tap on the widget to get the Automatic option that you need to turn off.

How to Add Apple Watch Battery Percentage to iPhone Widget on Home Screen

To show Apple Watch’s battery level on your iPhone’s home screen, follow these steps:

Short Version

  1. Enter the editing mode of the iPhone home screen.
  2. Add the Battery widget on the home screen to see Apple Watch battery.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. On your iPhone’s home screen, long press on any empty space until the icons start shaking.

2. Tap on the Add (+) icon at the top to open the Widgets window. Scroll down and tap on Batteries.

3. The available widget styles will show up. Tap on the Add Widget button under the battery widget style that you want to use to see the Apple Watch battery. The widget will be taken to your home screen. Press and drag it to place anywhere on the home screen. Finally, tap on any empty space on the home screen to place the widget.

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Bonus Tip 1: How to Show Multiple Devices Battery Percentage on iPhone Lock Screen

The home screen battery widget can display the battery level of multiple Apple devices at the same time. However, the same isn’t possible on the lock screen due to less real estate. But that doesn’t mean you cannot show the battery percentage of multiple devices on the iPhone’s lock screen.

A simple solution for this problem is to add multiple battery widgets on the lock screen and select a separate device in each widget as shown in the above method. That is you need to disable the Automatic toggle for each battery widget and select the preferred device for each widget.

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Bonus Tip 2: How to Check iPhone Battery on Apple Watch

If you want to check the iPhone’s battery level on your Apple Watch, that is also possible as shown below:

1. Install and open the Juice Watch app on your iPhone. Make sure the same gets installed on your Apple Watch too.

2. Now, long press on your current watch face and tap on Edit. Go to the Complications screen and tap on the complication where you want to see the battery level of your iPhone.

3. Select Juice Watch from the list and tap on Battery Levels.

Go to the home screen of your watch and your iPhone’s battery percentage should show up in the complications. If that doesn’t happen, tap on the battery complication to refresh it.

Tip: Know how to use complications on Apple Watch.


1. Can you see the iPad’s battery on the iPhone using the battery widget?

Sadly, no. The native battery widget shows the battery of Bluetooth-paired devices only. That includes Apple Watch, AirPods, and Apple Pencil. If you would like to check the iPad’s battery on an iPhone (or even a Macbook) or vice versa, you need to use third-party apps. Check our detailed guide for the same.

2. How do I check Apple Watch battery health?

Go to Apple Watch Settings > Battery > Battery health to find the battery health of your watch.

Customize iPhone’s Wallpaper

Those were the steps to add an Apple Watch battery widget on your iPhone lock and home screen. Before you leave, it’s always nice to learn something new. Learn how to set a different wallpaper for your lock and home screen on your iPhone. Do you know you can now change wallpapers automatically on your iPhone?

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