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15 Best Instagram Comments Tips and Tricks for You

by Mehvish
Instagram Comments Tips

Apart from messages, comments on Instagram are another way to communicate with other users. You can receive comments on posts, Reels, live videos. etc. Let’s look at some cool tips and tricks to use, control, and manage comments on Instagram. You will get to know how to hide, delete, pin, block, and restrict comments on Instagram among other things.

Tips for Comments on Instagram

1. How to Comment on an Instagram Post

If you are new to Instagram, you might be wondering how to comment on an Instagram post. Open the post you would like to comment on and tap on the Chat bubble icon under the post. Or, tap on the View all comments option and add your comment. This will bring up the comment screen. Type your comment in the available box and hit Post.

Instagram Comment on Post

Tip: Find out what do various icons and symbols mean on Instagram

2. Comment on Instagram With a Photo

At the time of writing, Instagram doesn’t allow users to comment with photos. You can only send text or emoji comments. However, you can send or reply with a photo using Instagram Direct Messages (DM).

3. Reply to Comments

Open the comments screen by pressing the Chat bubble icon to reply to an Instagram comment. Hit the Reply button under the comment and type your reply.

Instagram Reply to Comment

4. Edit Comments

Sadly, Instagram doesn’t offer the ability to edit comments. You will have to delete the comment if you made a spelling or content mistake in it.

5. Delete Comment

You can delete the comments you have made on Instagram as well as the comments you have received on your posts by someone else.

On Android, touch and hold the comment to delete and tap on the Delete icon at the top. On iPhone, swipe left on the comment and press the red trash icon. If you accidentally deleted a comment, tap on the Undo button, which is available for a short duration only, at the bottom to recover deleted comment.

Instagram Delete Comment

Note: Instagram doesn’t notify the person when you delete their comment.

6. Pin Comments

When a comment is pinned, it appears at the top of all other comments under the comment section. You can pin up to 3 comments under each post. Comments can only be pinned from within a post; they cannot be pinned from another post. Do note that the other person is notified when their comment is pinned. However, you cannot pin your own comments. If you have something to say, write it in the post caption section.

Go to the comment that you want to pin on your post. On Android, touch and hold the comment and tap on the Pin icon. On iPhone, swipe left and press the Pin icon.

Instagram Pin Comment

7. Turn off Comments After Posting

If your post is being bombarded with unnecessary comments, you can avoid that by turning off comments on an individual post. To do so, tap on the three-dot icon above the published post and select Turn off commenting. Repeat the steps to turn on commenting on the post. Once you turn off comments, the existing comments will be hidden. They will be restored once you enable commenting.

Instagram Turn off Comments

Tip: You can turn off comments on Reels in a similar manner.

8. Turn off Comments Before Posting  

Additionally, you can disable comments before publishing a post as well. For that, tap on the Advanced settings option on the Sharing screen and select Turn off commenting.

Instagram Turn off Comments Before Posting

9. Hide or Restrict Comments

You can hide comments on Instagram by restricting people. However, doing so will have further consequences, such as hiding all new comments from the restricted profile, moving their messages to the Message Requests folder, and lastly, hiding their activity status. Apart from restricting people, Instagram doesn’t allow you to hide comments without any repercussions.

To restrict a person, touch and hold the comment (Android) or swipe left on the comment (iPhone) and press the (i) icon. Select Restrict profile from the menu. Find out in detail what restricting does on Instagram.

Instagram Hide Comment by Restricting

10. Delete or Restrict Multiple Comments

Instagram has a multiple selection feature for comments that lets you restrict or delete them in bulk. To use this feature on iPhone, open the comments section and tap on the three-dot icon at the top. Select Manage comments.

Instagram Manage Comments iPhone

Now select the comments and choose the appropriate action.

Instagram Manage Comments iPhone Delete

On Android, touch and hold one of the comments to select it. Then tap on other comments to select them. Select the appropriate action from the icons above.

11. How to Block People From Commenting

Instagram has a handy feature that prevents people from commenting on your posts if you don’t want them to. In contrast to the standard block feature, the rest of the things stay unblocked. Furthermore, if you prevent them from commenting, they will not be notified.

To do so, open Instagram Settings and go to Privacy > Comments. Tap on the arrow next to Block comments from and add the people that you want to block.

Instagram Block Comments

12. How to Allow Comments From Followers and Following List Only

In an effort to improve privacy, Instagram now allows you to control who can comment on your posts. You can limit this to followers, people you follow, both of them, or allow everyone to comment. To select the desired setting, navigate to Instagram Settings > Privacy > Comments > Allow comments from. Choose the required option.

Instagram Allow Comments From Selected People

13. Hide Offensive Comments

Instagram, by default, hides any nasty comments left on your post. You can disable this function by going to Instagram Settings > Privacy > Hidden words and turning off the toggle for Hide comments. However, you may take it a step further and make a list of offensive words that will be automatically hidden from your comments. To do that, navigate to Settings > Privacy > Hidden words. Tap on Add to list to add words followed by enabling the toggle next to Hide comments.

Instagram Hide Offensive Comments

Tip: If you are being harassed on Instagram, you can temporarily limit unwanted comments.

14. Hide or Turn off Comments on Instagram Live

If you don’t want comments, Instagram allows you to turn off comments on your Instagram Live after going live. For that, tap on the three-dot icon next to the comment box and select Turn off commenting.

Instagram Live Turn off Comments

Tip: To hide the comment box while watching an Instagram live as a viewer, simply tap on the screen.

15. Block Comments on Instagram Story

If you don’t want to receive comments on an Instagram story, you can turn it off by going to Settings > Privacy > Story. Choose Off under Allow message replies section.

Instagram Story Disable Comments

Get More Control on Instagram Comments

I hope you enjoyed the above-mentioned tips and tricks for managing Instagram comments. Did you know you can copy Instagram comments using Google Lens on Android? You can even see all the comments you have made.

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