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7 Best Instagram Sticker Searches for Stories

by Vaibhav
Best Instagram Sticker Searches

Instagram Stickers are a great way to add spark to your stories. They also allow you to add interactive elements like polls, questions, etc. However, if you’re looking for more stickers and can’t find the right keyword, don’t worry. Here are some hidden and cool Instagram sticker searches you can try right away.

Instagram Stickers Searches

1. Quotes Stickers

I’m sure most of you generally use a quotes app and paste it into the story. This might seem a short and simple method, but it’s boring. If you want to replace the old school text story with stickers quotes, try searching for quotes in the search bar.

Instagram's Quotes Stickers

You’ll be amused to see such beautifully designed stickers ranging from Martin Luther King’s motivation to Joe Biden’s black lives matter pitch.

Keywords: Quotes, motivation, personality name (also shows quotes)

2. Instagram Photo Sticker

Instagram camera comes with a sticker search feature. It allows you to take a picture but of the size of a sticker. You can easily pinch and zoom the sticker. In addition, if you can also add multiple photo stickers to a single story.

Instagram's Photo Sticker

Another photo sticker that will enhance your stories is the photo frame sticker. You have a different vintage frame, polaroid style, and even an iPhone frame if that’s what you fancy.

Keywords: Photo, vintage photo frame, polaroid

3. Tap Option

You need numerous posts and a lot of time to hit the 10k mark on Instagram. As we already know it gives you the ability to swipe up. However, if you don’t have that advantage, you can also use the tap sticker. I use it all the time to put my post as a story and add the tap option. It not only gives an authentic look to the story but you also get more interaction.

Photo Tap Option

Being a techy, you can also find mouse click stickers instead of tap here stickers.

Keywords: Tap, mouse click, cursor, new post

4. Aesthetic Stickers on Instagram

Instagram allows you to add multiple filters and effects to enhance the aesthetics in posts. You can do that in stories too, but to add more elegance to your story. These can range from adding extra stripes to a brewing coffee mug or a surprised sticker on your cat’s face.

Tap Option Aesthetic Stickers

We can’t leave black and white when we talk about aesthetics. Luckily, there is plenty you can choose from. Since very few people use b&w stickers, your story will surely stand out.

Keywords: Monochrome, black and white, stripes, lines, emmadarvick, ilustralle

5. Instagram Vinyl Stickers

Whether you’re looking to add audio in the story or simply wish to show off your old music collation, Instagram vinyl stickers are in fashion nowadays. The best part is that Instagram has tons of these.

Instagram Vinyl Stickers

Since a lot of users are picking up a musical hobby nowadays, you can also use instrument stickers, cassettes, favorite artists, and more.

Keywords: Ukulele, Mozart, vinyl, gramophone, records, The Beatles

6. Interactive Stickers

You don’t need to search these as they pop up right when you tap on the sticker icon. These are the main stickers on Instagram and we also use them a lot. Our favorites are poll and quiz stickers. You can use these to make quizzes and increase brand awareness.

Aesthetic Interactive Stickers

If you scroll down, you’ll be able to find other stickers such as day stickers, mood stickers. You can also tap on these to change.

7. Call to Action Stickers

A few of the stickers mentioned above give chance to your followers to reply to polls or quiz. However, if you don’t want active participation, you can also search for a call to action sticker. Some of these are comment sticker, share this post type of stickers that are aimed to get you more interaction.

Interactive Call to Action

Keywords: Comment, like share subscribe, call to action

Instagram Sticker Searches Wrap Up

There may be other Instagram sticker searches that you can try to get the perfect look you want. There are literally infinite permutations and combinations for stickers. Results will depend on the keywords you choose to combine. Lastly, if you want to improve your Instagram game, here are some Instagram tips and tricks you should surely check out.

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