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16 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Games

by Kaushal

You might find yourself in situations when there is enough time to kill but no Phone in sight. You can be in a boring meeting or a conference where using your phone might be considered rude. While you have your Galaxy Watch with you, don’t you? Read on for best Galaxy Watch games to kill time and have some fun. Let’s get started.

Remember the good old days of Nokia and Samsung when games were simple and were actually fun. Most of the games on this list are quite fun and bring a nostalgic factor to the gameplay, others are pretty innovative and modern.

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The links given below every game would only work on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also search the games on the Galaxy Apps Store to install the games on your Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Games

1. Sea Wolf Free

You’re the cadet manning the Periscope of a submarine and your goal is to take down rogue ships trespassing the area. Sea Wolf Free gives you a First person view and allows you to shoot underwater missiles at the ships. You can control the view using the bezel and shoot by tapping the display respectively. You get limited ammo so you have to make sure you don’t miss or else you’ll lose. It’s a fun game and completely free on the Galaxy Apps Store.

Best Galaxy Watch Games- Sea Wolf

Install Sea Wolf Free 

2. Orbita

Next in the list, Orbita where you play as a spaceship orbiting a planet. The oncoming meteors are the obstacles and you have to survive for as long as possible. I particularly enjoy this game because it has decent graphics and you have to control the orbit with the bezel. The game gets more challenging as you play with an increase in the number of meteors approaching to hit you. This game looks simple but would occupy most of your free time, try it.

Best Galaxy Watch Games- Orbita

Install Orbita

3. Terror Line

Terror line is another interesting bezel controlled game which looks a lot like one of the old Gameboy games. You are an angry square box who’s moving on a zig-zag path, and you’re objective is to travel as far without hitting the sides. You control the angry box with the bezel, rotating clockwise for right and counter-clockwise for left. The game is only available in Spanish but it’s not going to be an issue as it has only two options, Jugar = Play, and Salir = exit. If you want a simple game to kill boredom, this angry box would do it for you.

Best Galaxy Watch Games- Terror Line

Install Terror Line

4. Tetris S2

This next game is the unofficial version of the classic Tetris. It works surprisingly well on that little display of the Galaxy Watch. The game works just like the original, you have to arrange different pieces on the floor without any gaps. You lose once the pile reaches the ceiling. You can tap on the sides to slide the pieces left and right. It keeps track of your score, high score, and level on the left. If you enjoyed the original Tetris, you’re going to love it on your Galaxy Watch.Best Galaxy Watch Games- Tetris S2

Install Tetris S2

5. Gear Invaders

Remember the classic Space Invaders? Well, this game is the unofficial version of it but it plays just like the real thing. You’re the defender in space and an army of invaders are trying to attack your turf, you have to protect by destroying them with your canon. You have to be efficient otherwise the invaders speed up as the level proceeds making it even harder to shoot at them. The app is a 7-day free trial and you can purchase the full version for $0.99 on the Galaxy Apps Store.

Best Galaxy Watch Games- Gear Invaders

Install Gear Invaders (Free trial, $0.99 full)

6. Don’t Tap the Bombs

Next, we have a game which urges you “not” to tap on the bomb. It’s a simple game which tests your self-control. The gameplay is fairly simple, you are presented with a couple of white images which look similar to the bomb. You should only press an image that is not a bomb. It may look simple but it gets pretty intense as the game speeds up. You have to survive the level and create high scores, I had a lot of fun not tapping the bombs. It is free on the Galaxy App Store.

Best Galaxy Watch Games- Don't Tap

Install Don’t Tap the Bombs

7. Snake Circle

This hidden gem in the Galaxy Apps Store is truly amazing. It’s a simple snake game which I’m sure you’ve played a lot of games like this. This game, however, takes advantage of the circular display and the bezel to offer different gameplay than the rest of the games. Instead of moving in four directions, The snake in this game moves in 8 directions and you control it with the bezel of the Watch. You can’t touch the edge of the display. The game is more interesting and fun when you play with the bezel when compared to other similar games. Try it, It’s free.Best Galaxy Watch Games- Snake Circle

Install Snake Circle

8. Discover the Key

Now, You must have seen that lock in movies or on your grandma’s safe with the rotary dial. Growing up watching people break into that lock by rotating the dial was certainly cool. Discover the Key uses the bezel as the rotary dial which you rotate to find the correct combination. The lock is secured with a three digit passcode and you have to figure it out by rotating the bezel, you get haptic feedback which resembles the real safe mechanism. Try it out, it’s free on the Galaxy Apps Store.

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Best Galaxy Watch Games- Discover the Key

Install Discover My Key

9. Hungry Monkey

The next game is an endless running game in which you play as a monkey climbing a tree. As you climb you can jump from tree to tree by tapping the screen. There’s a bad monkey which is running away with bananas dropping one every once in a while. You can grab the fallen bananas but watch out for any stray branches or your monkey will fall and you’ll lose. Also, the monkey flies by grabbing the balloon. The game has decent animation and graphics and should be fun for kids and adults alike.Best Galaxy Watch Games- Hungry Monkey

Install Hungry Monkey

10. Fidget Spinner

Yup, its a fidget spinner on your Galaxy Watch, you can choose one from a variety of spinners by rotating the bezel. You can spin by swiping one of its tails. Instead of fidgeting with your watch, fidget with the fidget spinner in the app. It’s free.

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Best Galaxy Watch Games- Fidget Spinner

Install Fidget Spinner 

11. Flying bird Winter

The developers could name it Flappy bird because of, well copyright but this game had a love-hate relationship with most of the users. Some people loved it and some people despised the very existence of the game. While It’s not made by the original developer but it works the same way. You tap the bird continuously to keep it in the air while crossing a maze of Pipes. If you enjoyed Flappy Bird while it lasted, this would cheer you up and keep you busy.

Best Galaxy Watch Games- Flying Bird

Install Flying Bird

12. Launch

It took some time to figure out this game uses the accelerometer to control the spaceship instead of bezels and touch. Launch is a simple game in which your objective is to last for as long as possible without hitting the meteors. You navigate by tilting your watch and it would be easier if you hold the watch in your hands instead of on your wrist. Launch is free on the Galaxy Apps Store.Best Galaxy Watch Games- Launch

Install Launch

13. 2048

The only math game I’ve loved ever, 2048 is a brilliant game and highly addictive. I’ve spent countless hours trying to achieve a high score in this seemingly simple game. Your objective is to create a tile numbered 2048. You can merge two tiles with the same value and the resultant tile is the addition of the two tiles. You have to be efficient in merging tiles otherwise the grid will be full and you’ll lose. If you’ve never played 2048, you should definitely try it.

Best Galaxy Watch Games- 2048

Install 2048

14. Snipe n Watch

Looking for the target. Target Locked. Fire. Target Eliminated. You’re a paid shooter whose aim is to shoot and kill the bounty you receive. The gameplay is rather interesting and gives you a scope view of the rifle. You can zoom in and out using the bezel and pan by swiping the screen. Make sure you don’t waste your ammo shooting wrong targets because that’s not professional. Enjoy this Game on your Galaxy Watch for free.

Best Galaxy Watch Games- Snipe n Watch

Install Snipe n Watch

15. Gear Tic Tac Toe

Boring lectures always call for a quick game of tic tac toe with a friend and you can do it on your Galaxy Watch. This game allows you to Play with another person or the CPU. You can select a difficulty level and the grid size of the game. If you choose the hard mode against the CPU, the best case scenario would be a tie. Enjoy the game.

Best Galaxy Watch Games- Tic Tac Toe

Install Gear Tic Tac Toe


16. Monster Vampire

This last game is the most popular on the Galaxy Apps Store. Monster Vampire has a very interesting story with a tragic twist. Your aim is to defeat the monster planet who consumed your pet dog. You would have to earn enough rewards to unlock planets and collect enough resources. You can walk(actually walk, the game counts steps) to gain rewards and unlock locked content. Monster Vampire brings you an interesting story with fun gameplay. You should check it out.

Best Galaxy Watch Games- Monster Vampire

Install Monster Vampire

Best Galaxy Watch Games

These were my favorite Games for the Galaxy Watch, many of these games are inspired from the legacy games which brings in a lot of nostalgia. The fact remains true that Galaxy Watch doesn’t have enough computational power to run games of today, nevertheless, it’s exciting to see the innovation done by developers by modifying the gameplay and including the bezel as input. My favorite game in this list is the Snake Circle and Discover the Key mostly because of the fantastic implementation of the Bezel input. Tell us which is your best Galaxy Watch Game in the comments below.

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