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16 Tips to Use Markup Tools on iPhone

by Mehvish
Markup iPhone tips to use

Are you wondering what are the different markup tools on iPhone and how to use them? You have landed at the right place. Whether you are new to the iPhone’s Markup editor or you have been using it for a while, this post shall help you in unlocking all the benefits offered by the Markup editor on iPhone. Let’s check different tips to use Markup tools on iPhone.

1. Access Markup Editor in Different Apps on iPhone

Typically, one can use the Markup tools on iPhone from the Photos app. But did you know you can access the Markup editor from other apps as well? The Markup editor can be accessed from the Files app, Messages, Emails, Notes, and others. Just open the photo in the desired app and then press the Edit or the Markup button to open the Markup editor.

Use the following basic tips to get started with the Markup editor on iPhone.

  • Double-tap on the pens at the bottom to change the pen style and opacity.
  • Double-tap on the eraser to change the eraser size and to switch between the pixel and object eraser.
  • Tap on the (+) icon and select Text to add the text to the photos on your iPhone.

2. Add Arrow, Chat Bubble, and Other Shapes to Image

Want to add an arrow or other shapes to an image? Thankfully, you don’t need to download any third-party app. The Markup editor on iPhone lets you add an arrow, speech bubble, and square and rectangular boxes to your pictures.

To do so, open the photo in the Markup editor. Then, tap on the (+) Add icon at the bottom and select Arrow or speech bubble from the menu.


Use the two blue dots at the ends of the arrow to change its size. Or, drag the arrow by the green dot to tilt it. To change the color of the shape, tap on the shape and choose a different color from the bottom list.

3. Change Arrow or Shape Style

You can convert the regular arrow into a double-sided arrow or change the shape of the speech bubble in the Markup editor. First, add the arrow to your picture as shown above. Then, tap on the arrow and press the icon having two shapes at the bottom-left corner. Select the desired arrow style.

4. Fill Color in Shapes

Generally, you can only change the color of the shape border in the Markup editor. But if you dig down, you can actually fill the shape with the desired color.

To fill color in shapes, add the desired shape such as a square, rectangle, or speech bubble to the picture. Then, tap on the shape and press the icon at the bottom-left corner. Choose the black-colored shape to switch from a regular shape to a fillable shape. Then, select the desired color for the shape.

5. Hide Sensitive Information Using Markup Editor

The Markup editor doesn’t offer a direct blur tool. However, you can use workarounds to hide sensitive information in your images. Basically, you either have to draw using any brush in the Markup editor or add a fillable square shape on the text that you want to hide.

6. Duplicate Shapes

If you have added a shape and customized it to your liking, you don’t need to redo the steps if you want to add another shape with the same features. You can easily duplicate the shape in the Markup editor.

To do so, add the first shape and customize it. Then, tap on the shape added to your picture and select Duplicate from the menu. An exact copy of the shape will be added to the picture.

7. Convert Hand drawn Shapes to Perfect Shapes with Markup

The Markup editor only offers two perfect shapes by default: square and rectangle. But that doesn’t mean you cannot add other perfect shapes to your picture. The Markup editor offers a hidden feature to convert any hand-drawn shape into a perfect picture.

To do so, simply draw the desired shape on the picture using your finger and keep holding the shape until it converts into a perfect shape.

Pro Tip: If you prefer your hand-drawn shape over the transformed shape, press the Revert button at the top.

The shapes that you can draw and convert into perfect shapes include:

  • Arcs
  • Arrows
  • Circles
  • Clouds
  • Lines
  • Heart
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Pentagon
  • Stars
  • Triangle
  • 90-degree angle

Note: The shapes created using this tip can be selected and moved using the Lasso tool only.

8. Use Color Picker to Choose Color

If you want your shape or text to have a color matching the background of the picture, you can use the color picker tool in the Markup editor to select the desired color.

To open the color picker tool in the Markup editor, tap on the Color icon at the bottom. The Colors window will show up. Tap on the Color picker icon at the top-left corner. Now, move the color picker to the desired area on the image to select its color.

Tip: Check out the best color palette apps for iPhone.

9. Use Hex Code of Color

Another way to add a preferred color to the text or shape is by entering the hex code of the color manually in the Markup editor. Tap on the Color icon at the bottom. Then, tap on the Sliders tab and add the hex code of the color in the Hex color box.

10. Save Colors for Future Use

If you have to use a certain color quite frequently, you don’t need to use the color picker or add its hex code every time. You can save colors for future use in the Markup editor of your iPhone.

Once you have chosen the desired color, tap on the (+) Add button at the bottom of the Colors window. The selected color will be added to the list of colors and you can use it from here.

11. Use Lasso Tool to Select Hand Drawn Items

When you draw something on a picture in the iPhone’s Markup editor, it cannot be moved directly. That’s where the Lasso tool will help.

Using the Lasso tool, you can move drawings, change their color, and duplicate or delete them. You can even group multiple items using the Lasso tool.

To use the Lasso tool, tap on the Lasso tool at the bottom. Then, trace or draw around the desired drawings to select them. You will see dotted lines around the selected items.

Once selected, perform the desired action on them such as changing their color or moving them.

12. Add Emoji to Picture

You can also add emojis to your pictures on your iPhone using the Markup editor. First, tap on the (+) icon in the editor and select Text from the menu.

Double-tap on the text to select it. Then, add the emoji using the keyboard. Tap on the aA icon at the bottom-left corner and use the size slider to change increase or decrease the size of the emoji.

Tip: Check out the best emoji keyboards for iPhone.

13. Create and Use Multiple Signatures

There’s no secret that you can add a signature on a PDF or image using the Markup editor. However, did you know that you can store multiple signatures and use the one that you like as per your need?

To create and use multiple signatures, tap on the (+) icon in the Markup editor. Select Signature from the menu.

Tap on Add or Remove signature and create a new signature by tapping on the (+) icon,

Once you add a new signature, all the signatures will show up under the Signatures option. Tap on the one that you want to add to your picture.

14. Magnify Part of the Image

Whether you want to magnify a portion of the image or simply make your picture look interesting, the Markup editor on iPhone lets you add the magnifying effect to your pictures.

To do so, tap on the (+) icon in the Markup editor. Then, select Magnifier.

The magnification circle will show up on the image. Use the following tips to use and customize the Magnifier tool:

  • Drag the magnifying circle to the area that you want to magnify.
  • Drag the blue dot to increase the size of the magnified area.
  • Drag the green dot around the circle to zoom in or out.

Tip: Learn how to get an iOS-like magnify tool on Android.

15. Focus on One Part of the Image

The Magnifier and the Opacity tool let you focus on one part of the image by decreasing the opacity of the rest.

Note: This tip only works in the screenshot editor.

1. Take a screenshot of the desired picture.

2. Tap on the screenshot preview at the bottom-left corner to open the Markup editor.

3. Tap on the (+) icon and select Magnifier. Move the magnifier over the part on which you want to focus.

4. Tap again on the (+) icon and select Opacity. Drag the opacity slider to the left side to make the picture slightly transparent. You will notice that the magnified area is in focus.

16. Revert to the Original Image

When you use the Markup editor to draw or edit the image, the edited image will replace the original image. In case you want your original image back, you can easily do so.

Open the edited image in the Photos app and tap on the Edit button. Tap on Revert to remove all the edits from the picture.

Other Tips to Edit Images on iPhone

Those were some of the amazing tips to use the Markup tools on iPhone. Before you go, learn how to remove background from an image and how to add a picture on another picture on iPhone.

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