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Top Apps for Wine Lovers in 2020 (Android & iOS)

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If you’re a wine collector or an alcohol connoisseur you must already know your way around these spirits. But if you just turned legal to start drinking there are so many things that might intimidate you, such as how much should you drink, which liquor to choose,  do cocktails qualify as liquor, and if need be, a good way to quit drinking. Well, since most of us don’t always have the company of experts, you can simply use your smartphone to keep track and read about it. So, without getting your spirits down (no pun intended), here are Top Apps for Wine Lovers in 2020.

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Top Apps for Wine Lovers

1. AlcoDroid – Alcohol Tracker

AlcoDroid is a simple app that helps you track your Alcohol consumption. It uses a scientific Watson formula, and analyze user details, such as age, gender, height, weight, etc. You simply have to add a drink manually by entering the amount of intake, alcohol content, start/end time, & cost which is great data when you want to self analyze yourself.

You can check also see a line diagram which shows your effects in real-time. It shows users the value in percentage, like 0% to 0.1% (no noticeable effects) to 4% to 1000% (acute alcohol poisoning). The app is free but if you want to remove ads, it’ll set you back by $4.5.


  • Drink presets with customization option
  • Daily Intake Limit Goal
  • Detailed Stats section
  • Supports international units

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Wine Lovers

2. Vivino – Buy the Right Wine

If you are in a wine store and you’re a novice, you can use this app to scan any wine and see detailed information about it.

The app is very well designed with images and reviews, so I’m sure you’d want to drink what you’re looking it, well, another great feature is that you can also purchase the wine and get it shipped to your doorstep. You don’t need to sign-up to use the app but don’t forget to create an account if you can save your info and scans forever.


  • World’s larger wine directory
  • Online Store
  • Support bottle and menu scan
  • Community ratings and reviews

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Wine Lovers

3. My Cocktail Bar

If you have some alcohol and fruits, lying around, why not make a cocktail out of it? Enter My Cocktail Bar, the app can filter cocktails recipes by choosing the ingredients you have. The app works in a cob-web fashion, which means that you can click on one item and see what other cocktails you can make using that ingredient.

In case you stumble upon a cocktail, whose ingredients you don’t have right now, you can add it to your shopping list with a single tap. I didn’t stumble upon any ads during my usage, however, if you do, you can but the pro version for $1.5.


  • Filter recipes by Ingredient
  • In-built shopping list
  • Huge database of cocktails

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Wine Lovers

4. CellarTracker

CellarTracker has a unique feature called “My Cellar option”. It’s a place where you can store your purchases and enter details like the number of bottles, price, etc. This not only helps you track your purchases, and current stock, you can also mark the bottles after drinking them, and add tasting notes, which makes the reviews helpful for others.

You can browse the app as a guest which is great, but to use the My Cellar option I’ve stated above, you need to create an account with the app, which I think, is the best possible way if you want to make full use of the app.

The app is developed by Eric Levine the founder of CellarTracker website, so take a guess, how resource full this app is going to be.


  • Huge collection of wine reviews
  • Barcode Scan option
  • MyCellar feature to track user’s consumption

Get CellarTracker for ( iOS | Android )

Top Apps for Wine Lovers in 2020 5. Wine Dictionary

We all have often found ourselves in embarrassing situations where we’ve mispronounced the name of a certain wine, only to be corrected by our friends. Call it peer pressure or self-interest, there are so many jargons that it’s hard to keep a track of all of them. So similar to the English dictionary, why not refer to a wine dictionary. All these fancy words can be found in an app and described in simple terms, in addition to a pronunciation guide as well.

The app has a search bar which works well, however, it would’ve been great if the user had an option to mark favourite words.


  • Dictionary for win jargons
  • Search Option
  • Meaning in plain English
  • Basic UI

Get Wine Dictionary for ( iOS | Android

Top Apps for Wine Lovers in 2020

6. BevVeg – Vegan Alchohol

If you’re thinking all alcohol is vegan, you might be wrong as many alcohols use egg whites, fish bladder and other parts that amount to an animal product. Since breaking your Vegan streak can be very disappointing, you can try this app to filter alcohol before you go out and buy, by simply typing the alcohol name in the search bar. The app boasts over 1 million listed beverages, and to my surprise, I could find most products produced in my country as well.

What I like most about this app is that you can send a pre-written mail with a single click to any company asking about the details of their product and enquiring if the specific alcohol is vegan. I think it’s a great way to clear doubts and start drinking!


  • Free App
  • Database of over 1 million
  • Breweries contact support info
  • Option to leave product feedback

Get BevVeg for ( iOS | Android )

7. Quit Drinking

If alcohol consumption has started to affect your life, you should consider quitting alcohol or at least cutting down on consumption. This app provides an easy way to start your sobriety by using basic details like date/time you decide to quit drinking, money you spend, and other such info. It motivates you by showing you hours you’ve been sober, money saved, and how much life expectancy you’ve gained by leaving alcohol consumption .

The app also has a Daily Diary section, where you can write about your day, add how you’re feeling and also input drinking urges you have daily. Although not intrusive, the app does show adds, which you can remove for a one-time payment of $2.5. The app is only available on Android but you can try a similar app for iOS.


  • Motivational Quotes
  • Progress counter
  • Daily diary log

Get Quit Drinking for Android 

Self-help groups

You can use the above app to keep a track and limit your drinking. But above that, the most important aspect is family support. If you’re not comfortable sharing your addiction issue with friends and family, many support groups can help you tackle this addiction. Some of these are The FixAlcoholics Anonymous, LifeRing, Secular Organizations for Sobriety and many more. Hope you don’t reach this point but if you do, don’t hesitate to join any one of these!

Closing Remarks

So, if you’re a wine lover, now you have all the apps you want to start your alcohol journey. You can track your alcohol intake and your blood alcohol levels from the start. In case you want to know which wine is which, Vivino is a great option, which also delivers wine to your doorstep. Besides that, I’m going to use BeVeg, to identify vegan alcohol, now that I’m starting with my vegan journey.

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