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14 Useful Samsung Calendar Settings You Should Know

by Mehvish
Useful Samsung Calendar settings

Samsung has a huge pool of its own Android apps that offer additional features. One such app is the Samsung Calendar app which is loaded with useful options and settings. For instance, you can use emojis to define an event, add additional calendars, restore deleted events, and much more. Let’s check the best Samsung Calendar settings that you must know.

1. Sync Additional Calendars like Google

In the Samsung Calendar, you can add and sync additional calendars like Google, Microsoft, etc., to show and add events to these calendars. For that, follow these steps:

1. In the Samsung Calendar app, tap on the three-bar icon and press the Settings icon at the top.

2. Tap on Manage calendars and press the + icon.

3. Select Google or another service and add your login details to sync the calendar.

Tip: The Samsung Calendar app will automatically show events from Google accounts added to your Android phone. Know how to sync Samsung Calendar to Google Calendar.

2. Add Alternate Calendars

Samsung Calendar allows you to add alternate calendars like Hijri, Chinese Lunar, Korean Lunar, etc., without adding or linking any external service. Go to Samsung Calendar Settings followed by Alternate calendar and select the calendar that you want to show.

Tip: You can adjust the Hijri date manually using the Hijri dates adjustment option in the Samsung Calendar settings.

3. Change Calendar Color

As you saw above, you can add alternate or sync calendars from services like Google into the Samsung Calendar app. What’s even more interesting is that you can assign a unique color to each calendar to differentiate between their events easily.

To change the color of a calendar, follow these steps:

1. In the Samsung Calendar Settings, tap on Manage calendars and select the calendar whose color you want to change.

2. Then, select the appropriate color from the list. Currently, you can only choose a color from the list. You cannot add your own colors.

4. Change Individual Event Color

Just like you can change the color of an entire calendar, you can also set unique colors for individual events in the Samsung Calendar app.

Tap on any individual event in the Samsung Calendar whose color you want to change. The event edit screen will show up. Tap on color and select a color. Similarly, you can set a color while creating an event as well.

5. Use Emojis to Define an Event

If you have lots of events added to your Samsung Calendar, sometimes, it becomes difficult to find an important event just by glancing through the calendar due to the text format. This is where assigning an emoji to an event comes into the picture. Samsung Calendar highlights the emoji and shows it in a slightly enlarged manner as compared to the text.

To add an emoji to an event, open the event or create a new event. Then, on the event edit screen, tap on the Emoji icon and select the desired emoji from the list.

Tip: Learn how to mark saved places with emojis in Google Maps.

6. View and Restore Deleted Events

What sets Samsung Calendar apart from the others is its ability to restore deleted events. So if you accidentally deleted an important event, you can restore it within 30 days of deleting it provided the Recycle bin feature is turned on. For that, go to Samsung Calendar Settings and enable the toggle next to Recycle bin.

To restore deleted events, follow these steps:

1. Tap on the three-bar icon in the Samsung Calendar app.

2. Select Recycle Bin at the bottom and tap on Edit.

3. elect the events that you want to get back and press Restore.

Tip: Learn how to recover deleted photos and videos on Samsung Galaxy phones.

7. Enable Dark Mode

Love using apps in dark mode? Thankfully, Samsung Calendar supports dark mode. Go to Samsung Calendar Settings and tap on Dark mode. Select On.

8. Show Week Numbers

If you like keeping track of weeks, Samsung Calendar has a setting to enable week numbers. Go to Samsung Calendar Settings and enable the toggle next to Show week numbers.

9. Change the First Day of the Week

Another interesting setting offered by the Samsung Calendar app is the ability to change the first day of the week. You can start your week on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, or use Local default.

Go to Samsung Calendar Settings and tap on the First day of the week to choose the day.

10. Change Brightness of Event Colors

Samsung phones are all about customization. It even allows you to choose the brightness of event colors in the Samsung Calendar app. You can use muted colors, bright, or very bright depending on your preference.

In the Samsung Calendar Settings, go to Muted Colors and select an appropriate option.

11. Show Weather Forecast of 7 Days

Another cool Samsung Calendar setting is that you can see the weather forecast of 7 days for your current location in the Samsung Calendar app or its widget.

Go to Samsung Calendar Settings and enable the toggle next to Show weather forecast. Also, tap on the Show weather forecast text followed by Weather settings to change the auto-refresh time and unit.

Note: In case the Show weather forecast option isn’t showing up, add the Samsung Weather widget to your home screen and then check.

12. Change Alert Time Settings

You can change the default alert setting for events, all-day events, and birthday events in Samsung Calendar settings. You can choose the time when you want to be notified of all events. Or, you can set a custom time while creating an event. In Settings, go to Alert times to customize these settings.

Pro Tip: Go to Alert style setting to change the sound and style of event notifications.

13. Show Full Event Name

By default, the Samsung Calendar will crop the extra characters from an event name while displaying an event in the month view. If you want to see the full event name, go to Samsung Calendar Settings and enable the toggle next to Let event titles wrap.

14. Change Font Size in Calendar

Is the default font size of dates and events too small for your liking? Samsung Calendar offers a native feature to increase the font size.

Go to Samsung Calendar Settings and tap on Event title font size. Select the text size from extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.

Tip: Check out more ways to make text bigger on Samsung phones.

More Tips to Use Samsung Calendar

  • Use the search in the Samsung Calendar app to find your events quickly. You can find the event by stickers or color of events.
  • If a calendar hasn’t synced, use the Sync now button under the three-bar icon to manually sync events.
  • Show the moon calendar in the Samsung Calendar by adding the same to your Google Calendar and then sync the Google Calendar to Samsung Calendar.
  • Lock the event time to your local time zone so that the time doesn’t change if you move outside of your local time zone. Go to Samsung Calendar Settings and enable the toggle next to Lock time zone.
  • If you have an S Pen, you can write or draw an event on the calendar’s month view.

Holiday Time

Those were some of the useful settings that you should change in Samsung Calendar. Before you go, how to add holidays in Samsung and Google Calendar.

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