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3 Ways to Combine Videos on iPhone for Free

by Mehvish
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Do you have multiple video clips on your phone that you want to merge into one video? Sadly, the Apple Photos app doesn’t offer the feature to combine videos. But don’t worry. Apple has another app that can merge videos from iPhone Camera Roll. But if the app doesn’t meet your requirements, we have another way to combine videos too but with more features. Let’s check different ways to combine multiple video clips on iPhone for free.

1. Combine Videos Using the iMovie App

iMovie is a free video and movie-making tool from Apple. You can use this app to merge two or more videos together on your iPhone as shown below:

1. Install the iMovie app on your iPhone.

2. Open the iMovie app and tap on Movie under the Start new project.

3. You will see the photos and videos on your phone. Tap on the videos that you want to merge. You can even add photos to your video. In case you don’t see the videos, tap on Media at the top followed by Video.

4. Tap on the folder having the video or select All folder to see all the videos.

5.  Tap on one of the videos and press the Selection circle icon to select the video. Similarly, select other videos that you want to combine into one video.

6. Tap on Create Movie at the bottom.

7. The video clips will be combined and you will see clips in the timeline at the bottom. Tap on a clip to customize it. The selected clip will have a yellow border around it. You can trim the clip, change its speed, increase or decrease the sound, add text, and filters to the clip using the tools at the bottom. Or, long press a clip and drag it to reorder it.

8. To add or remove a transition effect between video clips, tap on the Transition icon present between the clips. Then, select the preferred transition or remove it by tapping on None.

9. Use the Play button to preview the combined clip. Once you are satisfied with the merged video, tap on Done.

10. Tap the Share icon and select Save Video from the share sheet to download the combined video on your iPhone. You will find the video in the Photos app.

2. Combine Videos on iPhone Without Cropping

If you add portrait videos in iMovie to combine them, you might notice that iMovie crops them or changes their aspect ratio to the landscape. You can fix this issue using two workarounds.

Method 1: Use Pinch to Zoom Gesture

1. Open the iMovie app and add the preferred videos to it by following steps 1-6 of the above method.

2. Once the clips show up on the timeline, tap on the first clip and you will see a Magnifying glass icon at the top. Tap on it. Now, use the pinch-in gesture to zoom out of the video clip.

3. Repeat step 2 for other clips in the video.

4. Then press Done at the top.

5. Tap on Share followed by Save Video to download the merged video without cropping.

Method 2: By Editing Clip in Photos App

If you still get black bars around your image, you need to rotate all your video clips 90° in the Photos app first, bring them into iMovie, combine, and save them. Then, open the saved video in the Photos app and rotate it again. You should now get a portrait video without cropping or black bars.

Here are the steps in detail:

1. Open the first video clip in the Apple Photos app.

2. Tap on the Edit button.

3. Tap on the Rotate/Crop icon and press the Rotate icon at the top. This will rotate your video and make it landscape.

4. Press the Done button to save the landscape video on your iPhone.

5. Repeat the steps for other video clips that you want to combine.

6. Once you have rotated all the video clips, open iMovie, create a new project, and add the rotated video clips. Save the combined video on our iPhone as shown in the first method.

7. Open the combined video in the Photos app and press the Edit button.

8. Tap the Rotate/Crop icon followed by the Rotate icon.

9. Your combined video will now appear in Portrait mode. Tap on Done to save the final video on your iPhone.

Tip: Check out free apps to convert portrait videos to landscape and vice versa.

3. Combine iPhone Videos Using a Third-Party App

If the above methods do not work or seem like too much work, you can also use free third-party apps to combine videos. These apps let you select the aspect ratio and offer additional video editing features.

For the sake of the tutorial, we will be using the InShot video editor app to combine videos on your iPhone:

1. Install and open the InShot video editor app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on Video followed by New.

3. Select the videos that you want to merge into one and press the Checkmark icon at the bottom.

4. The video clips will show up in the editor. Use the tools at the bottom to edit your video. When done, tap on the Share icon at the top. Select the video resolution, size, and format, and press the Save button to download the combined video on your iPhone. If you like the InShot app, check out our tutorial on how to use the InShot app to edit videos.

You can also use the following free video editing apps to merge videos on iPhone:

Edit Videos on iPhone

Hope you were able to merge videos on iPhone using the above methods. Before you go, know how to remove sound from iPhone videos and also how to rotate videos.

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