The Best Ways To Download Videos From Instagram

Found an interesting video on Instagram? Want to download it on your Computer, Android or iOS?


Well, ever since Instagram extended their videos limit to 60 seconds (earlier it was 15), I see a lot of high-quality videos floating all over my Instagram’s feed. And more often than not, we all come across videos that we would like to download for offline use.

Now, although there is no official way to download video from Instagram, there are apps and online tools, which can easily do that. And in this article, I have curated some of the best ways to download videos from Instagram.

With these apps, you can download any Instagram videos (and also photos). Not just the one you liked or upload. However, there is no such method to download private Instagram videos.

So let’s get started.

Download Videos From Instagram on Computer

Instagram is a mobile app, but you can browse your Instagram’s feed on your computer. So, let’s say you find an interesting video while browsing Instagram from your computer, then here is how you do it.

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Method I – Developer Tool

Right click on the video, you want to download and select the Inspect element option. On Chrome and Firefox, this option is turned on by default, but for other browsers, you have to enable it from settings.


A need window will pop open at the bottom of the screen, expand the highlighted div tag and copy the https link in the src tag. (see screenshot below)


Now open a new tab and paste that link, this will load that video in full resolution. Right-click on video and select save video option. Simple.


Method II — Online Video Downloader

Alternatively, you can also just copy paste video URL to any online video downloader sites like KeepVid. Though it’s not easy to get the video URL in the web version of Instagram. First, you have to open the profile page of the uploader and then right-click on the video and select ‘copy the video URL.’

Download Videos From Instagram on Android

Android captured 84 percent of the total mobile market share in the world (and 97 percent in India). So, there is a big chance you are this awesome OS.

There are plenty of apps on the play store to download Instagram videos. Though, the one I suggest is — InstaSave. The app is free (ad-supported) and does not ask for your Instagram login credentials. And if you don’t like the ads, you can remove it by IAP of $1.

  1. To get started install InstaSave from play store and open it.
  2. Next, go to the Instagram app, find the video you want to download and copy its link to the clipboard.
  3. Now, go back to InstaSave, you’ll see the video thumbnail.
  4. Tap on the small download icon at the bottom. And that’s it.

You can find all the saved videos inside the Instasave app and to delete it just swipe the video to the right.


Download Videos From Instagram on iPhone/iPad

Unlike Android, there is no good Instagram video downloader app for iOS. Most apps I found, are paid and also need your Instagram’s login credentials to work.

Though there is one app, I liked called — Quick Reposter. It’s free, available on App Store and works pretty well. Yes, it has some annoying pop-up ads, which you can remove by paying $4.

  1. To get started, installing the App from the Play Store.
  2. Next, open the app and log in to your Instagram account. You will see your Instagram’s feed just like the official Instagram app.
  3. Scroll down your feed till you find the video, you want to download. I suggest, you liking the video to make it easier.
  4. Now, once you find the video you want to save, tap on it. The video will open in a new pop-up box.
  5. There, you’ll see a blue bar below the video, with a download icon. Tap on that and the video will get saved in your camera roll.


Wrapping Up

So these were some of the best apps to download Instagram video on the computer, Android, and iOS. Feel free to share the videos with friends. But do not re-upload other people’s videos from your account, unless you have explicit permission from them.

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