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11 Fixes for Samsung Galaxy Phones Cannot Make or Receive Calls

by Mehvish
Samsung Galaxy Phone Cannot make or receive calls

Are you wondering, “Why is my Samsung phone not allowing me to make or receive calls?” Well, there can be many reasons for that. You might be in a bad network area, you might have selected the wrong cellular network or mode, or you must be using an outdated version of Samsung One UI on your phone. Whatever the reason, this post shall help you. Let’s check various ways to fix Samsung Galaxy phones that cannot make or receive calls.

1. Restart Your Phone

If you are unable to make or receive calls from your Samsung Galaxy phone, the first thing that you must do is restart your phone. Sometimes, this simple fix should solve your problem without changing any other setting.

2. Check Network

Next, you must check whether you have a network or not. The chances are there’s no cellular network in your area and that’s why you are unable to make or receive calls from your Samsung phone. Look for the network icon in the status bar. The number of bars reflects the quality of the network. The higher the number, the better quality you will get.

3. Check Mobile Plan

Some mobile networks restrict both outgoing and incoming calls if your mobile plan’s validity has expired (pre-paid) or if you haven’t paid the monthly bills (postpaid). So ensure that you have paid all the dues and you have a working mobile plan.

4. Turn off Airplane Mode

You may have accidentally enabled Airplane mode aka Flight mode on your Samsung phone and that’s why you cannot call or receive calls on your phone. For the unaware, Airplane mode turns off all the network-related services on your phone including the cellular network.

Go to Settings > Connections and turn off the toggle next to Flight mode. If you are unable to turn it off, learn how to fix Samsung Galaxy phone stuck in airplane mode.

5. Clear the Cache and Data of the Phone App

Another fruitful fix that has helped many users in fixing the Samsung phone that cannot make or receive calls is to clear the cache and data of the Samsung Phone app.

To do so, follow these steps:

1. Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

2. Go to Apps.

3. Scroll down and tap on Phone.

4. Go to Storage and hit the Clear cache and Clear data buttons. Restart your phone. Please note that clearing the cache or the data of the phone app will not delete any data or files from your phone. It will only remove temporary cache files. However, any customizations that you have made to the settings in the Phone app will be reset after clearing the data.

6. Select Network Operator

You can only make or receive calls if your SIM is set to the network operator that has issued your SIM card. You must check and select the same network in network operator settings. Typically, your Samsung phone will automatically do so, however, you should check it manually, just to be on the safe side.

1. Open Settings on your phone.

2. Go to Connections followed by Mobile networks.

3. Tap on Network operators. Select your operator. The safe and best option is to let your phone automatically select the network. For that, enable the toggle next to Select automatically.

4. Restart your Samsung Galaxy phone.

7. Change Network Mode

In addition to the correct network operator, your phone must be using the compatible network mode (5G, LTE, 4G) as well. For instance, some network operators no longer support 3G. So if your Samsung phone is set to 3G, you won’t be able to make or receive calls.

To change the network mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone, follow these steps:

1. On your Samsung Galaxy phone, go to Settings > Connections > Mobile networks.

2. Tap on Network mode. Choose the correct mode. The safe option is to select the latest one which says auto connect.

8. Turn off Wi-Fi Calling

At times, some new features do more harm than they do good. Wi-Fi calling is one of them, especially when it affects regular calling. If Wi-Fi calling is enabled on your Samsung phone, you must turn it off to fix the issue of cannot make or receive calls on your Samsung phone.

Go to Settings > Connections and turn off the toggle next to Wi-Fi calling.

9. Update Software

Many times, it’s an outdated version of OneUI that makes your Samsung Galaxy phone unable to make or receive calls. You must update the OneUI software to the latest version whenever it’s available.

To check for an available update, go to Settings > Software update > Download and install.

10. Re-Insert SIM

If the above fixes didn’t help, you should remove the SIM card from your Samsung Galaxy phone and insert it back. Just like restart, this solution is also known for its magic in fixing network-related problems.

Tip: Learn how to fix Samsung Galaxy phone not ringing.

11. Reset Network Settings

Finally, if you are still unable to make or receive calls from your Samsung Galaxy phone, it’s time to reset the network settings. Doing so will restore all the network settings to their default values. That means, your saved Wi-Fi networks, paired Bluetooth devices, etc., will be deleted. However, nothing will happen to your data or files on your phone.

1. Go to Settings > General Management > Reset on your Samsung phone.

2. Tap on Reset network settings.

Pro Tip: If resetting network settings also failed, you should try resetting all settings on your phone.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do if you don’t get calls from one number?

If you don’t get calls from one number, you might have blocked the number. To unblock a number, open the Samsung phone app and tap on the three-dot icon at the top. Select Settings and go to Block numbers. Remove the blocked number from the list. Know how to block spam calls on Samsung Galaxy phones.

2. Where are the call settings on the Samsung Galaxy phone?

In the Samsung Phone app, tap the three-dot icon followed by Settings. Here you will find various call settings.

Tring Tring

Once you are able to make and receive calls from your Samsung Galaxy phone, learn how to change the call background on Samsung phones. Also, check out interesting ways to answer calls on Samsung Galaxy phones.

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