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7 Fixes for Siri Keeps Activating on Apple Watch

by Ritesh Rawat
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Does Siri on your Apple Watch keep activating randomly even when you’re not trying to use it? It can be quite annoying, especially when you’re in the middle of enjoying your favorite music, and it keeps pausing. In this guide, we have gathered fixes for this Apple Watch issue. You won’t have to give responses to unexpected questions from Siri with this solution.

1. Restart Your Apple Watch

Like any electronic device, the Apple Watch can often help resolve minor software glitches or issues like why the Watch is activating Siri randomly.

To restart your Apple Watch, hold the Side button and Crown until the screen goes black. After that, your Watch will restart in a few seconds.

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Tip: You can disable Siri’s message announcements on your Apple Watch interrupting while listening to music or podcasts.

2. Update watchOS

Your Apple Watch may be having a software glitch, causing Siri to keep activating on its own. Make sure to update your Apple Watch to the latest version. To update your Watch, navigate to Settings, tap on General, and choose Software update.

3. Change Hand Orientation of Apple Watch

If the Apple Watch isn’t a perfect fit on your wrist or feels loose, it can cause the crown of the Watch to be pressed by the movement of your wrist. Many Apple Watch users including us, have encountered this issue, particularly when wearing gloves.

Don’t worry about switching the hand you wear your Apple Watch on to fix this problem. You can change the Watch orientation and wear it in the opposite direction to prevent it from happening.

To change the orientation, head to the Settings on your Watch and choose Orientation. From there, pick the option that isn’t currently selected below the Digital Crown.

Pro Tip: Do you know you can browse the internet on your Apple? All you need to do is get a third-party Safari-like web browser app on your Apple Watch.

4. Disable Press Digital Crown for Siri

If you find that Siri still keeps activating on your Apple Watch from the digital crown by mistake, don’t worry! There’s a quick fix for this. Open the Settings app and select the Siri. Within Siri, you’ll find an option to disable Siri activation when you press the digital crown. Just toggle it off, and you’ll be free from any accidental Siri interruptions.

5. Disable Raise to Speak

While engaged in an activity and lifting your Apple Watch to check the time, Siri might unexpectedly activate and start listening to your speech. With this, Siri can be activated even without pressing a button or saying Hey Siri. This might be the reason for the random activation of Siri as mentioned by a few Reddit users. To disable this, navigate to Settings and tap Siri as mentioned in the previous fix, and disable the toggle next to Raise to Speak.

6. Turn Off Listen for Siri or Hey Siri

To wake up Siri without pressing any buttons, you can say Hey Siri or just Siri. However, it seems that Siri can also be activated by unexpected noises or sounds, as some users have reported. Interestingly, even words that rhyme with Siri can sometimes trigger it.

If you want to disable Siri completely, navigate to Settings, choose Siri, and select Listen for. Finally, select the option Off, and this will prevent Siri from activating on its own.

7. Remove Siri From the Watch Face

There might be a possibility that your Apple Watch face may have Siri added as a complication. That may activate Siri automatically. You can remove the complication from Watch face if it allows that or use a different Watch face. Check our guide on how to edit or remove complications from Apple Watch face.

No Thanks Siri

It can be puzzling when Siri keeps popping up on your Apple Watch while you’re chilling or out for a jog. Sometimes, it’s a complication on your Watch face or the misconfigured button on your Watch. We hope the fixes mentioned above will keep Siri in check on your Apple Watch. No more surprises while the smooth Apple Watch experience you deserve.

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