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11 Fixes for Songs Not Adding to Apple Music Library

by Ritesh Rawat

Are you experiencing issues with your songs not adding to your Apple Music Library? That can be cumbersome when you can’t add your favorite tracks to your library and create a playlist using them. You might want to download those songs on your iPhone or Android phone later. This guide covers fixes to resolve the ‘no entry’ issue with Apple Music. Let’s get started and effortlessly groove to your favorite tracks.

1. Basic Solutions

Before moving to complex ones, let’s start with these basic solutions. Usually, there is a simpler explanation to the error you might be facing with the Apple Music library.

  • Maxed-Out Library: There is a limit to the number of songs that can be added to your library, and that number is 100,000. When the limit is reached, you can’t add more songs to your Apple Music library.
  • Check the Internet Connection: You can only add songs to your library if your iPhone or Android phone has an active internet connection.

2. Update iOS and Android Versions

A temporary glitch may prevent songs from adding to the Apple Music library. Make sure to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version. To update your iPhone, navigate to General in the Settings app and select Software Update. If there’s an iOS update available, update your iPhone and try to add songs again once it’s updated.

Settings on iOS

Tip: You can check how many times you’ve listened to a song on Apple Music and identify your favorite tracks.

Similarly, you’ll need to ensure that your Android phone is updated to the latest Android version. Open the Settings app and head to the Software Update section – that might be different depending on the make and model of your Android.

Updating the Android version and iOS version ensures that your phones are updated to match with the latest features and fixes in the Apple Music app.

3. Enable Sync Library

By enabling Sync Library, the content you add from Apple Music or iTunes syncs seamlessly across all your devices. Some users on the Apple Support Community have reported that enabling this setting has resolved the problem of songs not being added to their library.

To activate this feature, go to Settings and choose Music. In the Music, make sure the toggle next to Sync Library is enabled.

Sync library in Apple Music

4. Disable Add Playlist Songs

There’s an option in your iPhone’s Settings that allows songs to be automatically added to your library when you add them to any playlist. However, some Reddit users have found that disabling this setting resolves the problem of songs not adding to their library.

To disable Add Playlist Songs option, open the Settings app and choose Music as mentioned in the previous method. Then, tap on the toggle next to Add Playlist Songs to disable it.

Add playlist songs on Apple Music

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4. Force Stop Apple Music

To resolve the issue and start adding songs to your library again in Apple Music, you can try force-quitting the Apple Music app. This will cease all the pending processes and restart them afresh. Here’s how you can force quit the app:

1. Long-press the Apple Music icon and tap on the Info icon.

Apple Music on Android

2. You’ll be headed to the app information for Apple Music. Here, tap on Force stop and hit OK when asked for confirmation.

Force Stop Apple Music app

On your iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the App Switcher. Scroll through the app cards to reach Apple Music. Tap on the Apple Music card and swipe upwards to close the app. For older iPhones, you can press the Home button to bring up the App Switcher. Scroll to the Apple Music app card, tap on it and swipe upwards to close the app.

5. Clear Cache of Apple Music (Android)

If you are facing this problem on your Android device, clearing the app’s cache may resolve that. Just follow the instructions provided below to clear the cache of the app on your Android device.

1. Head to the Apple Music app info as mentioned in the previous method. There, scroll through the options and select Storage.

Apple Music app info

2. Now tap on the Clear cache button at the bottom, and it will simply clear the cache of the app.

Clear Cache of Apple Music on Android

Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t offer any option to clear the app cache.

6. Reinstall the Apple Music App

If songs are still not getting added to your library, you may uninstall and reinstall the Apple Music app to solve this issue. Reinstall may fix app-related problems, like update or configuration errors and compatibility issues. It’s like giving the app a fresh start and can help troubleshoot this issue.

1. To uninstall the app on iPhone, long-press the Apple Music icon and select Remove App. Then, tap Delete App.

Uninstall Apple Music on iOS

2. To uninstall the app on Android, long-press the Apple Music icon and select Uninstall. Then, tap OK.

Uninstall Apple Music on Android

Download Apple Music on iOS

Download Apple Music on Android

7. Sign Out of Apple Music

Several users who have faced this issue have shared that signing out of Apple Music and then signing back in has resolved the problem for them. Lets check how you can sign out of Apple Music on iPhone and Android devices.

Sign Out of Apple Music on iPhone

1. In Settings, tap on your name at the top and select Media & Purchases.

Settings on Apple Music for iOS

2. Select Sign Out from the pop up that opens and tap on Sign Out again to confirm. Note that, it will also log you out of the App Store.

Sign out of Apple Music on iOS

Sign Out of Apple Music on Android

1. On Android, tap the Kebab Menu (three vertical dots) and select Account.

Settings on Apple Music for Android

2. Scroll down to the bottom, choose Sign Out, and tap on Sign Out, to confirm that you want to sign out.

Sign out of Apple Music on Android

Note: Signing out of Apple Music will delete all the downloaded music from the app.

After a few minutes, you may sign in back into the Apple Music app on your Android and iPhone.

8. Sign Out of iCloud (iPhone)

Your iCloud account may be experiencing some problems, which may cause the songs to not add to your library. So you may consider signing out of the iCloud temporarily. This solution worked for many reddit users. Before you proceed, read our explainer to understand what happens when you log out of your Apple ID on your iPhone.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, tap on your name at the top. Scroll down to the bottom to select Sign Out. After that, enter the password for your Apple ID and tap Turn Off.

Sign out og iPhone

2. Don’t forget to enable the toggle next to the service you want to keep the data from on your iPhone, and then tap on Sign Out.

Sign out of iPhone

Wait for a few minutes and you can repeat the above steps to sign back into the iCloud services on your iPhone.

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11. Rename the Song (Windows or Mac)

We understand this might sound like an unusual solution, but it has helped numerous users who encountered problems when adding songs to their library. The issue arises when some songs have titles in a language other than English. Currently, the only way to rename a song is by using the Apple Music app for Windows and macOS. Luckily, both versions have a similar user interface, and for this example, we’ve used macOS.

1. To rename the song, right-click on the song and choose Get Info on Mac or Properties on Windows.

Get info of song in Apple Music

2. Now write the name in the title and click OK.

Rename song on Apple Music

10. Reset All Settings on iPhone

If previous methods didn’t work for you, the last option you can try is resetting all settings on your iPhone. Note that resetting all settings will return those options to the factory defaults. It doesn’t impact the data (contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc.) on your iPhone. Resetting your phone can be a great solution for fixing temporary glitches and refreshing system processes, which can help restore smooth functionality.

1. Open the Settings app, tap on General, and scroll down to the bottom to select Transfer or Reset iPhone. After that, select Reset.

Transfer or Reset iPhone

2. To reset your iPhone, you will get a variety of options. Select Reset All Settings and then enter your iPhone’s Passcode.

Reset settings option on iPhone

3. Finally, hit Reset All Settings. After the reset finishes, set up your iPhone and this issue might be gone.

Reset all settings on iPhone

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Melody Medic

Adding a song to your library ensures that you can listen to it with minimal taps and you don’t need to search for it every time you feel like playing it. The solutions mentioned above will help you easily add your most cherished songs to your Apple Music library. You can further download those tracks on your iPhone or create playlists.

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