How to Hide Apps (Like Tinder) on Android

You are dating on Tinder but don’t want others to know. I understand the world can be judgemental. After all, dating can be tough and stressful as it is, you don’t want prying eyes and questionable looks.

How to Hide Apps on Android

Some people end up using apps like AppLock to password protect their apps. While this solution does protect others from launching Tinder or messenger apps without your permission, people can still see the app icon, and that’s all it takes them to begin judging you.

Here are 2 ways you can hide Tinder app and avoid people looking at you incredulously.

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1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers on the Play Store right now, and one of the many features that it offers is the ability to hide your apps. You will need to upgrade to the pro version of Nova Launcher($1.99) to get the Hide option. Or you can still do it for free, skip to step 1.2

Download and install the pro version, and reboot your phone once to give it the necessary permissions. Open Nova Settings from the app drawer. Click on App and widget drawers.

nova launcher app drawer

Scroll to the very bottom of the app and you will see Hide Apps option. Click on it. You will see a list of apps now. Simply select the ones you want to hide and close. The app will now be invisible in the launcher.

hide tinder

Pros: Nova Launcher offers a lot of features and customizations, and if anyone is going through your app launcher, they will never see the hidden app ever.

Cons: Though Nova Launcher hides Tinder in the app drawer, a simple search can still reveal it. Oops!

nova launcher tinder search

Verdict: Nova Launcher is a great app that you must have even if you are not looking to hide apps like Tinder. It does work and most people won’t search for apps, but if they do, you know what happens next!

1.2 Nova Launcher (Free)

Although we highly recommend getting paid version of Nova Launcher, if you don’t want to spend money yet, here is how you can hide apps in the free version of Nova Launcher.

Install free version of Nova Launcher. Go to the app drawer and search the hidden app (like Tinder), long press on the app. You will see 3 options popping up – App Info, Uninstall, Edit. Tap on the Edit option and a dialogue should pop up where you can rename the app, change the icon.

hide tinder nova launcher

I suggest you change the app name to something generic like Sound recorder or Notepad and change the icon to match that.

hide tinder nova launcher

Pros: Just like the previous one, using this method, if anyone is going through your app launcher, they won’t see the hidden app. Even if they search for Tinder, they won’t see it in the app drawer. To open the Tinder app via app drawer, you need to search by its new name.

2. PrivacyHider

There are a few good apps available on the Play Store that will allow you to hide any app like Tinder on your Android phone in a matter of clicks. For the purpose of this guide, I am using PrivacyHider. You will see why in a few minutes.

PrivacyHider offers so many ways to protect yourself that you would be amazed by its capabilities. You can create a clone of any app, like Tinder, and delete the original app from your launcher. Now, Tinder lives and breathes inside PrivacyHider. But what if someone sees PrivaycHider? Going one step ahead of apps like Parallel Space, you can hide PrivacyHider itself in the form (icon) of a calculator. So, all you see is a calculator in your launcher that anyone can use. But if you enter a specific number (passcode) in the calculator and press “=”, you will instantly get access to the real app.

Let’s try it out.

Download and install PrivacyHider. I assume you have already downloaded Tinder app. Open PrivacyHider and click the + icon on the top right.

privacyhider hide tinder

Select the app you want to clone.

privacyhider tinder hide 2

PrivacyHider will work its magic and when it is done, you will see a notification saying “The app has been created successfully”. You can now either open the app or click on done to go back to cloning more apps like WhatsApp or Messenger so that you can login using multiple accounts! Cool.

tinder clone

Now, you will go back to your Android launcher, find Tinder app and uninstall it. You can also uninstall from the Settings menu. Tinder now resides inside PrivacyHider.

How to hide PrivacyHider?

This is the fun part. Swipe from the left of your screen in PrivacyHider to access additional features. The first one is Protection for PrivacyHider. Click on it.

hide privacyhider

You will now see three options. Dialer, Calculator, and Lock PrivacyHider. The last one will simply allow you to lock the app using pattern, fingerprint or security questions. I am more interested in the first two. I am going with the calculator option, but you can choose any.

privacyhider calculator

On the next screen, enable the feature to launch the calculator mode. Enter your password here. Press “=” sign after entering the password. This works like the Enter key on your keyboard.

privacyhider calc

In the 2nd step, you will be asked to enter the password again. Do the deed. In the 3rd step, you will be asked to enter your recovery email id. Do it.

privacyhider calc live

Now, PrivacyHider itself is hidden. You cannot search for it by name because it is now a calculator, and a functioning one at that, so friends may use it all they want. Tinder is installed inside PrivacyHider so no one can search for it either.

The doors to the secret kingdom will only open when you enter a secret number and hit enter (=) immediately after.


Disallow or Mock Notifications

When you open PrivacyHider, you will see a Notification button. Click on it to manage your notifications. How can you receive a notification if the app is not, technically, installed? Disallow or mock it. Mock means you can customize the notification’s message. You can also use this app to clone games and messenger apps to use more than one account to login.

In the free version, you can clone only 1 app and use the smart protection to hide PrivacyHider or you can upgrade with a one-time payment of $13.99. It is a little expensive but nothing is more expensive than your privacy being compromised!

Pros: The app allows not only to clone and hide apps but also hide itself using camouflage feature.

Cons: It comes with a subscription plan and the lifetime option is really expensive even for a privacy-centric app.

Verdict: Get PrivacyHider if you are serious about protecting your privacy and enjoy additional features like app cloning, multiple logins, 1 tap memory boost, private browser, and ability to hide images.

Wrapping Up: How to Hide Apps on Android

I like PrivacyHider above all other solutions because it truly allows you to go incognito with any app that you may have installed on your Android. It is expensive but offers a lot of cool features, especially the smart dialer/calculator option.

There are other apps available in the Play Store but most of them are half-baked with little thought on usability and features.

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