How to Contact YouTube, Gmail and Other Google Properties

Google owns a number of web properties like YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Drive, Android, and more. Each of these services has spawned an entire industry. They have become a brand. So, if you want to contact YouTube, for example, it is better to do it from the YouTube site instead of Google.

Google only has customer support for paid services like AdWords, Google Apps for Work, Google Pixel etc. Howeve, for free services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Play apps etc, they rely on forums where you can ask for support from Google experts and other users for your concerns.

Since there are billions of people use Google web properties, chances are your question has already been answered on some forum. So, for each site/service, I will share some links to help and troubleshoot pages before showing you how to connect with a representative, if there is a way.

Let’s take a look at how you can contact Google-owned sites and services in case you need some help.

Note: Here is a link to Google Status Board that shows which Google service is down. Check it once to understand.

How to Contact YouTube

Before contacting YouTube be sure to check out their help center, chances are you will find answers to some of the most common questions that have been asked several times.

If you believe someone copied you copyright work and posted it on YouTube without permission, you submit a copyright complain here.

There are separate pages to report abuse, and file a privacy complaint.

If you need to send an email to YouTube as a YouTube creator, for stuff like verification badge or claiming a custom URL for your channel etc; simply scroll down to the bottom of any page on YouTube (while you are signed in to your channel account) and click on Help. A new window will pop up, click Need more help? > Get Creator Support > Select relevant Category > Email support.

How to Contact YouTube


Note: With more than a billion active monthly users, you may not receive a reply to your letter. You can fax them but use that option only if it urgent or important.

YouTube Address:

YouTube, LLC
901 Cherry Ave.
San Bruno, CA 94066
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

How to Contact Gmail

Gmail forever changed the way people used and access mail, destroying Yahoo mail in the process. Offering storage space that was unheard of, at the time. Here are some ways to contact Gmail support and troubleshoot issues.

You can check the Google Help Center for answers to the most common questions. Then there is the awesome Gmail Help Forum which is run by the community and Google moderators. Use the search function or open a new thread.

If you are still having and can’t find solution via the above links, for example, your mails are not being delivered or your Gmail is not working, you can send feedback to the Gmail team using the browser or mobile app. Scroll to the bottom of the left panel on your Gmail account and click on Help & feedback button.

contact gmail with feedback

How to Contact Android

Just like all other Google products, there is no direct way contact the Android team. There is an Android Help Center which should answer all your common questions.

If you are an Android developer, you probably already know about the dedicated developer site that is regularly updated with what is happening with the mobile OS.

Say, you are having issues with the library, or the app you uploaded to the Play Store is not live yet, you can contact Android but which is somewhat limited if you are looking to contact a direct representative of the company.

How to Contact AdWords

Google AdWords, a platform for advertisers to bid on keywords to determine which ads are shown in the search results, is no different. But because it is a business product, one which is Google’sprimary source of income, it comes with additional ways to reach support.

If there is something broken or needs to be fixed, you can ask AdWords team to fix it here. All API related issues are discussed in this Google Group.

As an AdWords advertiser or partner, your money is on the line and in certain cases, you might need help. Are your ads only running on mobile exclusively? Campaigns are not running the way they should You can submit a complain related to AdWords directly.

adwords support contact

Do not forget to enter your AdWords ID when contacting support, otherwise, it will only increase the response time.

Here are two support numbers that I was able to dig up:

For US: 1-844-252-8611 (Available from Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm ET)

How to Contact Chrome

There is Chrome for business users and then there is Chrome for the rest of us. The Help Center will answer your most common questions. But, if you are an enterprise customer (paying) and facing an issue like GSuite integration error or browser is not connecting to the managed network server, you can send a message using the contact form.

How to Contact Google Maps

The Help Center will answer all your questions while the forum is meant for both Google Maps and Earth products. If you swipe from the left on your smartphone, there are options to Get Help and Send Feedback.

google maps help and feedback

How to Contact Google Analytics

Since Google Analytics is also geared towards advertisers, there are more ways to connect and get help. Sometimes you may feel that the data metrics you are seeing are inaccurate, or you there is an issue with self-referrals.

There is a form available, after submitting which, you should receive a prompt response or a phone call depending on the nature of the issue.

google analytics contact form

The Analytics program has several verified and certified partners. If you are working with one of them, you can request help from them on the Partner Solution help page.

Wrapping Up: How to Contact YouTube & Other Google Properties

The reason there is no direct way to connect with Google for different services and products is that billions of people use Google on a daily basis. People would be calling for every small and big issue without searching for answers first. There are ways to connect where necessary.

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