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How to Enable/Disable Fast Pair on Android

by Ravi Teja KNTS
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Android’s Fast Pair helps connect new Bluetooth accessories faster. It directly displays a pop-up notification to get started with the setup process. However, the same pop-up also appears when there are other Bluetooth devices nearby. If you are also fed up with fast pair pop-up notifications asking to connect on Android, Google has finally added an option to disable fast pair in Android 14. While we lose faster device pairing, it reduces distractions in day-to-day life. Here’s how to disable Fast Pair on Android.

What Is Fair Pair and Its Advantages

Normally when you have to connect a Bluetooth device, you have to manually put it into pairing mode, open Bluetooth settings on your phone, and select the device to connect. Some devices come with their own app for the device to work as intended. These can be wireless earphones, speakers, watches, and many other smart home gadgets. Fast Pair simplifies this process.

As soon as you turn on a supported accessory, you will get a pop-up notification on your phone showing the name and image of the device. You can directly pair your phone with this Bluetooth device from the pop-up. You should see on-screen instructions to download the needed app. Other advantages of fast pair include:

  • It associates the user account with the device after the initial connection.
  • Quickly connect every time you are nearby that device.
  • Device battery notifications on your phone.
  • Help find lost devices.

How to Enable/Disable Fast Pair on Android

By default, all phones running Android 10 and above come with Fast Pair enabled by default. However, you can enable or disable it from Android 14 or above only. Here’s how to do that.

1. To check you are running Android 14 or above, open the Settings app > Software update to view the Android version. On some phones, you may need to open Settings app > System and then select System update instead.

System update option on Android

2. If you are not on Android 14, tap on Download and install option to check if there is an update available.

3. Now to enable or disable the Fast Pair option, in the Settings app, open the Connected devices option.

4. Then tap on Connection preferences at the bottom.

Connection preferences on Android

5. Here select the Fast Pair option. On the next page, turn off the toggle beside the Scan for nearby devices option to disable it. Turn it on if you want to enable Fast Pair.

Disabling fast pair on Android

How to Delete Saved Devices in Fast Pair

With Fast Pair, your Bluetooth device is connected to your phone, and device details are saved to your Google account. So you can switch smartphones without having to set up each device again. But if you no longer want to connect that device or keep your device details private, you can remove all saved devices from Fast Pair. You can delete all saved devices on phones running Android 10 and above.

1. Open the Settings app and select Google.

Opening Google option on Android Settings

2. Here, select the Device & sharing option and then select Devices.

Devices option on Android settings

3. On the next page, open the Saved devices to view a list of all the saved devices.

Saved devices on Android fast pair

4. If you have multiple Google accounts signed in on your device, tap on the email id at the top to switch between your Google accounts and view saved devices associated with that account.

5. Now tap on the device that you want to remove from your Google account. On the next page, tap on Forget button to delete the saved device.

Forgetting Android saved devices

If you are on Android 14, you can also delete saved devices from Settings app > Connected devices > Connection preferences > Fast Pair > Saved devices. Here you can also switch between Google accounts, select the device and tap on the Forget option.

No More Fast Pair Pop-Ups on Android

Fast Pair undoubtedly makes connecting to Bluetooth devices faster. It also brings useful features like locating lost devices, battery notifications, etc. to the table. However, it may also lead to unnecessary notifications when it detects any pairing device nearby, which may belong to your friends or colleagues. Fortunately, Google has added a way to disable Android fast pair so you can enable/disable it whenever you want.

Apart from Fair Pair, Android has added several ecosystem features for ChromeOS.

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