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Best Auto Redial Apps for Android

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COVID-19 has pushed most of the services to the brink of their capacity. Whether it’s calling your car service, the internet provider, or even the government for stimulus checks. A huge amount of traffic results in network congestion. Natively Re-dial isn’t possible so you’re just left with a manual redial option. However, if you can’t get through, for the first few tries, you will not only waste time but get frustrated as well. But, you don’t have to worry anymore. Here are the best auto-redial apps for Android.

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Best Auto Redial Apps for Android

1. Auto Redial

If you want a simple app that just redials, Auto Redial will work for you. The UI is minimal and easy to browse. Simply, download and open the app. The home screen has all the functions you might need. Just type the number you have to dial, or select from your contacts. Then you can choose which SIM to use if you have a dual SIM phone and hit start. Besides that, you can set the redial frequency between 1 and 2001 (which is more than enough, I guess). In addition to that, you can also set the interval between redials.

Auto Redial has a scheduler option which lets you set recurring calls on a certain day or time. Although, this feature didn’t work on my phone.

The app has banner ads that can be removed with a one time purchase for $2.


  • Automatic redial
  • Supports extension number
  • Can be used with Dual SIM

Download Auto Redial

Best Auto Redial Apps for Android

2. Auto Redial

The first app is great, it works and it’s minimal. However, this one has 2 very useful features.

  • First, it has a call recorder feature which helps you save any service communication locally.
  • Secondly, you can also set an auto call end timer which disconnects the call automatically.

Apart from that, you can set vibration or sound alarm that notifies you 10 seconds before the call ends, which comes in handy when you’ve put the phone on speaker and you’re occupied with other work. I’m sure you might have noticed it shares the name with the first app. Apparently, that’s not the only similarity. It also has ads like the first app but is less costly at $1.


  • In-built call recorder
  • Auto Hangup
  • Vibration alert

Download Auto Redial | call timer

Redial Apps

3. Auto Redial Call

Any service provider has multiple numbers which you generally call when you can’t get through one. This app lets you make a call list and add multiple contacts so, you can call all of them one after the other. This way you don’t have to manually feed a different number every time. Just make a list and hit the call button. It’s also very useful if you’re someone who makes service or marketing calls, as it also has a feature where you can import a list of contacts from a CSV file right into the redial list. if you feel so many lists will create confusion, simply,  give them a unique name according to the type of work.

Auto Redial Call lets you make call lists with multiple contacts.

A major drawback of this app is no option to buy or subscribe, so you’ll have to see annoying ads from time to time.


  • Make multiple redial lists
  • Import contacts directly from CSV or XlSX file

Download Auto Redial Call 

Best Auto Redial Apps for Android

4. Auto Call Scheduler

The call scheduler in the Auto Redial app didn’t work on my Realme device. If that’s the case with you as well, you should try Auto Call Scheduler. It is a simple redial app cum call scheduler. The app just has a home screen from where you can add a contact or a number. Besides that, you can set the date and time as well. If you frequently change your mind, remember to enable the “Ask before call” feature so it notifies you every time before making a call.

In terms of redial feature, you can set recurring call attempts, by tweaking it to weekly, daily, hourly, and minute by minute. Moreover, you can set the calls to take place on specific days by tapping on the days of the week you want the calls to take place. The app contains ads, but you can’t buy or subscribe to it. However, on the flip side, you have the option to remove them for 10 days by watching a promotional video. Great!


  • Schedule calls
  • In-built redial option
  • Add multiple numbers with different schedules

Get Auto Call Scheduler

5. Manual Method

I know there are plenty of people who don’t want to install an extra app and would rather use the existing redial option on my device. You can manually click on the last dialed number or the call button on the dial pad. This is the same for both Android and iOS.

Alternatively, you can also ask Siri, Google Assistants or any other assistant to redial the last called number for you. However, you would still not get the recurring dial feature.

Closing Remarks

So, if you don’t want to do it manually, you can use the apps I’ve listed above according to your use. These are the best apps on the Playstore and will work fluently. Now, you don’t have to keep on waiting and redial manually all the time. This way you’ll save a lot of time and also have peace of mind. One step is anytime better than two right? If you’ve any more suggestions, don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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