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9 Best Google Drive Add-Ons to Manage Everything Effectively (2020)

by Gaurav Bidasaria
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There are add-ons for all popular Google apps like Docs, Sheets, Gmail, and Slides among others. All these apps save their respective documents inside Google Drive. The popular cloud storage solution that acts as a centralized hub for everything you do on these apps. That’s why we are going to share some of the best Google Drive add-ons today.

These add-ons for Google Drive will help you manage your files and folders better, annotate and sign documents, and do much more with just the click of a few buttons. Let’s begin.

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Best Add-ons for Google Drive

1. DocHub

Most people use Google Drive to store and share documents. These documents can be legal contracts in which case, they need to be signed. DocHub is a Google Drive add-on that you can use to sign PDFs while on the move. You can also use this add-on to edit PDF files, fill it, and fax it immediately.

DocHub PDF sign, edit, fill

Some popular user case scenarios are filling forms, signing contracts, faxing documents or forms and so on. It comes with annotation tools like highlight, draw, comment, and stamp. You can also merge documents or add/delete/reorder pages inside those documents. DocHub will take care of all your PDF management needs.

Download DocHub: Google Drive

2. MindMup

You can create pretty much any type of document inside Google Drive except a mindmap. MindMup solves that problem by allowing users to create a mindmap in a collaborative environment. You get the same sharing permissions as in other Google files. One of the coolest Google Drive add-ons for me.

MindMup nodes and attaching YT videos

Create as many nodes as you want to do a brain dump and identify patterns. Adding files like images, links and documents to these nodes is easy. Note that these files need to be stored on Drive, YouTube or Photos in order to be attached. There are a number of themes and colors to choose from.

Download MindMup: Google Drive

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3. Lucidchart Diagrams

What’s better than mind mapping add-on? A fullfledged flowchart Google Drive add-on that integrates and works with hundreds of other third-party apps on the wild web. With Lucidchart Diagrams, you can create all sorts of charts and diagrams like ERD, BPMN, mockups, charts, wireframes and more.

flowchart in lucid diagrams

It comes with enterprise users in mind with encryption security, support for Salesforce and Jira among other CRM apps, and a huge shape library for creating those diagrams/charts/maps. Being part of Google Drive, it works with other Google apps and you can invite any user to collaborate on it.

Another notable drawing Google Drive add-on is Draw.io. Check it out for more details.

Download Lucidchart Diagrams: Google Drive

4. Lucidpress

From the same team that designed Lucidchart Diagrams comes another Google Drive add-ons. Lucidpress is a design tool for creating content for web, mobile or even print. What kind of content? You can create brochures, flyers, posters, reports, graphics for your social media pages, professional images for your next blog post, and even banners. It is only limited to your imagination.

lucidpress printing content

The content created can be exported in PNG, JPEG, and PDF format or you can export it to third-party cloud storage sites too. Adding images, links, and videos from sites like Flickr, YouTube, and Drive are easy. There is native support for most popular file-hosting sites. And needless to say, you can collaborate.

Download Lucidpress: Google Drive

5. EML, MHT Viewer

EML files are created when you save an email, complete with header, message, and attachment, as a file offline. MHT file is created when you save or archive a webpage for offline usage. So, how do you open it? By using one of the Google Drive add-ons, how else? EML, MHT Viewer Google Drive add-on will allow you to open these files inside Drive.

eml file inside drive

It also supports MBOX files which are also created while saving emails as mail storage. Just know what now it is not only easy to save these files but also open and access them.

Download EML, MHT Viewer: Google Drive

6. Drive Webcam Camera

Do you often use the webcam on your laptop or desktop to take pictures and videos of what’s in front of the camera? Whether its for creative, personal or security reasons, Drive Webcam Camera add-on will allow you to connect your cam to your Google Drive account. The result is that all resulting media files will be stored directly to a designated folder in the cloud, allowing you to access it anywhere in the world.

an image taken from webcam saved in drive

Know what this means? You can now not only remotely take images and videos but also view them from the comfort of your smartphone. Optionally, you can also save these files to your PC if you want. Once in the cloud, these files can be shared online like on social media.

Download Drive Webcam Camera: Google Drive

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7. Kanbanchi

You can manage an entire project inside Drive using Kanbanchi. There are three facets of this uber and powerful Google Drive add-on. The first is the kanban board which will remind you of Trello. You can create columns with individual cards to move them around between columns. The second one is Time Tracker which is self-explanatory. Track how much time was spent on each task and estimate project stages. The last one is Gantt chart which you can use to further visualize tasks, employees assigned to those tasks, and time taken.

kanban, timer tracker and gantt charts

You can then collect all this data and export them in other Google apps like Sheets to further manipulate and make sense of it. Kanbanchi is one of the most powerful Google Drive add-ons that comes with a suite of project management features that together with Google apps, will supercharge your work life.

Download Kanbanchi: Google Drive

8. One Up

A lot of people use Google Sheets for maintaining a record of their expenses, income, and other accounting purposes. One Up takes things a notch higher by allowing you to create invoices from sales orders and maintaining a record of subsequent payments. Another one of the Google Drive add-ons you must have irrespective of which field you work in.

one up mobile layout

You can also automate accounting entries and keep a record of your inventory. All of this info can then be used to create reports that will help you understand where you stand when it comes to profits/losses, inventory, debtors, and creditors. You can also use it to allocate resources to different tasks of the project that you are managing. And finally comes tax management. Connect your Gmail account to import receipts and invoices directly.

Download One Up: Google Drive

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9. Kami

If you are a student or a teacher, you will love Kami. It’s a PDF annotation tool that integrates with apps like Google Classroom, Drive, and others to make life easier for both parties. It comes with an array of tools like write, draw, annotate, highlight, and comment for the students.

kami plans differences

Teachers will get additional tools like a built-in dictionary, text-to-speech, add comments, sign documents, give voice commands, and inset images or screenshots. You can see how powerful and versatile Kami is and how it can help you get more stuff done, saving you time that you can then use on more productive things are reading or teaching.

Download Kami: Google Drive

Google Drive Add-ons

There are hundreds if not thousands of add-ons for Google Drive alone. While it is not possible to even find all of them, let alone list and explain them in a single post, this should get you going. We would love to know about some of your favorite Google Drive add-ons. Please do share them with us in the comments below.

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