How to Enable Dark Mode in Android Q

Google launched its’s Beta 1 version of Android Q on March 13, 2019. If you are enrolled for the Android Beta program, then you might get it via an OTA update. And if you aren’t like me, well you can always download and flash it onto your Pixel. Below are the direct links for various google devices.

Now, at first glance, there seem to be no drastic changes and even the UI is quite similar to Android 9. But this is the beta version and things are gonna get better ahead. We have a detailed article on what’s new in Android Q Beta version. For this article, let’s see how to enable the Dark Mode natively on Android Q.

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Enable Dark Mode in Android Q

Now, this isn’t exactly dark mode like the one you have on Oxygen OS. This is more of a workaround to get Dark Mode.

1. There is a quick way to do this. You can pull down the Notification Drawer and tap on “Battery Saver”. If this option is not available for you, try the following method.

1. Go to the settings menu by pulling down the notification drawer and clicking on the gear icon. Alternatively, you can also go to the App Drawer and click on the gear icon to open System Settings.


2. Once you are in the Settings Menu, navigate to the Battery settings and tap on it to open the Battery options.

3. Now on the Battery Settings page, the first option you see is “Battery Saver“. By default, this should be turned off. Now, tap on it to get to the Battery Saver menu.


4. Here, on the Battery Saver menu, you should see a button called “Turn on now”. When you click on the button, it turns on the Battery Saver and in turn will turn the UI to dark mode.

This is different from the “Invert Color” option and doesn’t make the UI look horrendous. The notification drawer, app drawer and the Settings menu are pushed into the dark look. This does not affect the apps and they will still have their own theme.

Closing words

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If you have any queries regarding Android Q or How to flash Android Q on your Pixel, let me know in the comments below. I will try to catch up with you on those questions.

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