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5 Fixes for Google Messages Reactions Not Working on Android

by Nitin Singh
Google Messages Reactions Not Working

Texting with friends can be more visually appealing by reacting to text messages, like a smiley face or a heart emoji. What if these reactions are not working? We have compiled a list of solutions to fix Google Messages Reactions that are not working on your Android.

Before You Begin

We recommend you review these solutions before getting to the more technical fixes.

  • Restart Your Phone – A restart can be a lifesaver in situations like this. So go ahead and restart your phone.
  • Update the Phone – You should also update your phone to the latest version. The software updates contain bug fixes and sometimes change the message settings on your phone. Alternatively, also ensure you’re not running a rooted or custom system software on your phone otherwise, Google limits your access to its services.
  • Update the Messages App – You need to update Google Messages app to the latest version from the Google Play Store.
  • Airplane Mode – Enabling and disabling Airplane mode can help you refresh all mobile network and radio-related services to restore any network issues.
  • Check Mobile Data or Wi-Fi – Google Messages Reactions is an RCS (Rich Communication Services) feature that requires a working internet connection. Hence, ensure you have a valid data plan or you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

1. Check RCS Status

Reacting to messages is a feature made possible by RCS on the Google Messages app. If RCS stops working in the middle of a chat for either of the participants, then neither of you will be able to react to messages. Hence, all chat members need to check the RCS status in the Google Messages app on their Android phones.

1. To check the RCS status, open the Google Messages app and tap on the profile photo on the top right of the screen. Then tap on Messages settings.

messages settings in the google messages app

2. Tap on RCS chats. If it says Connected, then RCS is connected.

RCS chats connected in google messages on android

3. If you see Disconnected under the RCS banner, your Android phone does not have an active internet connection. You’ll need to connect to the Wi-Fi or enable mobile data for RCS to connect.

RCS chats disconnected in google messages on Android

4. If your RCS chat status displays Trying to verify, then Google servers are verifying your phone number for proper functionality. If the status remains like that for over a day, tap Verify your number and wait for the process to complete.

Verifying mobile number in google messages to enable RCS

2. Check the Associated Mobile Number in Dual SIM Phones

Did you know that RCS only works on a single SIM? You can only react to messages sent and received from the mobile number with an active RCS status. If you use a dual SIM phone with two mobile numbers, you need to check the number on which the RCS is active. RCS may be already on and connected, but not on the mobile number you use in Google Messages with friends and other contacts.

1. To check the mobile number associated with RCS, open the Google Messages app, and tap on the profile photo on the top right of the screen. Then tap on Messages settings.

messages settings in the google messages app

2. For phones with active dual SIMs and tap on General. Tap on RCS chats.

RCS chats settings in google messages app on android

3. Look where it says Connected, you will also see the mobile number associated with RCS chats. If you wish to use RCS with the other mobile number on your phone, tap the Turn on RCS chats toggle to turn off RCS and configure your other mobile number.

turning off RCS chats for a mobile number and connecting another number on google messages on android

3. Turn on Show iPhone Reactions as Emoji

Are you having trouble receiving reactions from iPhone users in Google Messages? You should note that the iPhone does not use the RCS protocol while writing this article. Hence, you cannot react to messages sent by iPhone users, but they can react to your messages and are visible to you. Therefore, if you want to see the reactions of iPhone users, you need to turn on the toggle for it.

1. To see reactions from iPhone users, open the Google Messages app and tap on the profile photo on the top right of the screen. Then tap on Messages settings.

messages settings in the google messages app

2. Scroll down to access the Advanced sub-menu, and tap the toggle for Show iPhone reactions as emoji. With this, you should see reactions done by iPhone users.

going to Advanced settings and turning on Show iPhone reactions as emoji toggle in google messages

4. Clear the Cache of Messages App

Have you tried clearing the cache for the Messages App? It is also recommended by product experts on the Google support page to clear the cache of the Messages app if you encounter any problem while using Reactions on the Google Messages app.

1. To clear the cache of the messages app, tap and hold on the app icon and tap the information icon from the floating menu.

accessing the google messages app info on Android

2. Tap on Storage, then tap on Clear cache at the right-bottom of the screen.

Clearing cache for Google messages on Android

Similarly, you can clearer the cache for the Carrier Services app.

5. Disable VPN

Some Google services may stop working if you use a VPN service. Therefore, disconnect your VPN and try reacting to messages with your friends – this helped a Reddit user.

Also, these features are released in phases, with some regions receiving it earlier than others. As many users pointed out, they had the feature in their home locations but couldn’t find it when traveling overseas. So, update the Google Messages app to the latest version and wait till it is released for your region.

React to Reactions

With these fixes tried and tested, you can react to all mesages in the RCS chat. But if you still cannot react to messages on Google Messages, the feature might not’ve rolled out to your region. Meanwhile, you can check our guide to using Google Messages on web like a pro.

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