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7 Best Free YouTube Outro Maker For Any Platform

by Pratik
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While it’s important to have a catchy YouTube intro, it’s equally important to have a distinctive outro as well. It gives you an ample amount of branding and also provides an emotional connection with the audience. Now, you can spend hours creating an outro in your video editing software or just head over to an app and get a couple of them for free. On that note, here are the best free YouTube outro maker for all devices.

Best Free YouTube Outro Maker

1. Stock Image Libraries

YouTube Outros are basically 2 types. The most common ones are image templates to place recent or popular videos and your channel logo. These are also known as YouTube end cards and are pretty generic. In case if that’s your requirement, I would suggest getting ones from free stock image libraries. The links are below.

Visit Pixabay YouTube End Cards

Visit FreePik YouTube End Cards



  • No signup & hassle
  • Free, unlimited & max resolution download


  • Limited collection
  • Pretty generic and common templates
  • No customization

2. 1Intro (Android)

1Intro is an all-in-one YouTube intro, outro, and social media ad creator. As soon as you open the app, you would be greeted with 3 tabs: Features, Category, My Designs. For YouTube outros, head over to the “Category” tab, and click on Outro. This section contains a lot of video outros for YouTube. However, the app only provides 3-4 of them for free and the rest of them are covered under the “Pro” variant.

1Intro provides you 2 different ways to unlock pro content or remove the watermark. You either pay $4.99/month or watch a 10-sec ad. The only caveat with the later one is that it can be done only once a day.



  • Ability to edit outros within the app
  • Option to add your brand logo
  • Option to mute music or add your own music


  • 10-second skippable ads at most steps

Download 1Intro Maker (Android)

3. IntroAide (iOS)

IntroAide is another YouTube outro maker for iPhone and iPad. It provides 1000+ intro-outro templates. The outro templates are usually around the 10-sec mark. You get a built-in editor to replace your logo, text, and audio. IntroAide lets you remove watermark for only 1 outro. However, you can remove this restriction by paying a one-time fee of $6.99 or a subscription plan starting at $2.99/month.



  • 1000+ outro-intro templates
  • 1080p export option


  • You can only remove watermark once

Download IntroAide (iOS)

4. Snappa (Desktop)

Snappa is a free web-app that provides you a bunch of customizable YouTube outros. Snappa also provides an online editor that lets you create an outro from scratch. You can upload your own image or use the stock photos, graphics, patterns provided within the web app.

Snappa is a good tool to start off but along the way, you’ll find it quite limited. The templates provided are images and not videos. Hence, you wouldn’t find any animations or movement within the template. Moreover, a free account on Snappa allows 3 free downloads per month.


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  • Option to build templates from scratch by using stock images, graphics, shapes within the web app
  • Highly customizable templates
  • 1080p export in lossless quality


  • Limited number of templates
  • Static image templates

Free – 3 downloads per month, paid – $10/month.

Visit Snappa YouTube Outros

5. Canva (Desktop)

When it comes to YouTube outros and editing, Canva is a whole lot similar to Snappa but with a huge collection. To top it off, Canva also provides video templates, unlimited template downloading for the free tier. Additionally, you get additional add-ons like 1 GB cloud storage, 8000+ stock templates for free.



  • 8000+ stock photos and videos
  • Huge library of an image as well as video YouTube outros
  • 30-day trial for Pro


  • None

6. Renderforest (Desktop)

Unlike Canva, Renderforest is an online video outro maker. The thing that makes it stand out is professional and highly customizable outros. For instance, I could find a lot of 3D outros compared to Canva. These had crisper transitions and the vibe of After Effects. Additionally, you have the option to not only customize the text but also the transitions type and pattern.

The only caveat with Renderforest is that it allows you to export videos in 360p with a watermark. You know good things come with a cost and you would have to pay $8.99/month.



  • Highly customizable online youtube outro creator
  • Highly professional animations


  • 360p export
  • Watermark on videos

Visit Renderforest YouTube Outro Maker

7. Velosofy (Desktop)

If you use After Effects, Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas, Velosofy is for you. It’s like the Soundcloud of stock templates and provides options from creators around the world. These templates have a huge advantage over video templates as they are highly customizable. For instance, you can change the color, animation, text effect, etc within the editing tool. It’s way better than creating a template from scratch within your editing tool.

Velosofy has a good collection but the download process is more of like Soundcloud. You have to follow the user on multiple platforms and then it unlocks the download link for you. The entire process of downloading a template kind of feels tiresome.



  • Free templates for After Effects, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Blender, etc
  • Doesn’t require login
  • 1080p resolution templates


  • The download process is tiresome as it takes you through 3-4 different websites

Visit Velosofy PSD Outros

Closing Words

I usually stick to Canva as it provides an all-in-one solution for Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. At times, I also use Velosofy since I mostly edit on Premiere Pro. Let me know what sources you use or if I have missed some. For more issues or queries, let me know in the comments below.

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