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20 Best Routines for Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablets

by Nitin Singh
Best routines on samsung galaxy phones

Samsung has been working on optimizing One UI with new and improved features with every update. One of the key additions has been the Modes & Routines app. Modes and Routines can automate and execute certain tasks based on where and what you’re doing without input. Here are some of the best routines you can create on your Samsung Galaxy phone to make life easier.

How to Use Modes & Routines

We have already written a detailed guide on how you can use Modes & Routines on your Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. This will further help you understand how routines work and how you can create them to work for you smartly.

Best Battery Saving Routines

Nobody likes a smartphone that’s as good as a paperweight. For the same reason, you can create routines that can help you save battery wherever possible without interrupting your workflow.

1. Battery Level

If you were using your phone all day and its battery is less than 20%, enable Power Saver mode.

battery saver routine in samsung galaxy phones and tablets

This will effectively enable the power saver mode if the phone’s battery falls below 20% or whatever number you set.

2. Emergency Battery Level

For those dire times, if the phone battery is less than 5%, then enable Power Saver and Airplane mode.

extreme battery saver routine in samsung galaxy phones and tablets

Must save that battery for an emergency. This way you can disable Airplane mode and make calls if you cannot charge your phone for some time.

3. Dark Mode

Since dark mode helps reduce battery drain (and also eye strain) to a certain extent, you can set up a routine to enable Dark Mode if the phone battery is below 40%. You can also enable dark mode at night or when sunset using a geo-location or time routine. More on that later.

dark mode routine

Best Night Time Routines

4. Charging Protect

Do you charge your phone overnight? If so, this routine will protect your phone from overheating. If the phone is charged between 11 PM and 6 AM, then enable Always on Display, enable the battery protection, disable fast charging, and also disable fast wireless charging.

overnight charging routine

This routine will disable fast wired and wireless charging which should prolong battery life by slow charging it. Also, charge the phone to only 85% till 6 AM and will begin charging again after 6 AM.

5. Time Period

For the time between 6 PM and 8 AM, dark mode will be turned on, and brightness will be reduced to 20%.

time period routine

This way you can also set up a routine for a specific time of the night, dark mode will be turned on (bless my eyes!), and brightness will be set to 20%.

Best Creature Comfort Routines

6. Wi-Fi Strength

If the Wi-Fi strength drops below 2 bars, then the phone will automatically enable mobile data. This way you can stay connected even if you move around the house or in your garden.

turn on mobile data if wi-fi strength is less

7. Wi-Fi Disconnected

When the phone gets disconnected from your home Wi-Fi network, it’ll enable the mobile data. Useful in cases when you leave home for work every morning, or just any other grocery run.

turn on mobile data routine

8. Wi-Fi Connected

Once your phone gets connected to the home Wi-Fi, it’ll automatically disable mobile data, turn off location, and play some music. Who doesn’t like cozy welcomes after all?

turn off mobile data routine in samsung galaxy phones

9. Office Wi-Fi

When your phone gets connected to the office Wi-Fi, the sound profile will shift to vibrate/silent as per your preference.

change sound profile when connected to Wi-Fi routine in samsung galaxy phones and tablet

10. Auto Rotate

If the app opened is Gallery, Google Photos, or YouTube, then the phone’s orientation status will be changed to auto-rotate.

change screen orientation routine in samsung galaxy phones and tablets

Finally, No more turning it on and off manually. You can even customize this to further add or remove any apps from this list.

11. YouTube or Netflix

You can also program the routine so that if you open YouTube, Netflix, or Prime Video, then Do Not Disturb mode will be enabled, and the screen timeout will change to 5 minutes. Vamos!

Fun mode routine in samsung galaxy phones and tablets

12. Selected Alarm Dismissed

Are you a more lyrics-than-words kind of person? If so, you can make a routine that when an alarm is dismissed, start playing music on YouTube Music or any other music app.

play music after alarm dismissed routine in samsung galaxy phones

If you are running the latest One UI 6 on your Samsung Galaxy, check out how you can create custom stickers from your photos.

Best Folding Phone Routines

Rocking the Galaxy Fold or Flip series? Then you’re in luck because you can create truly unique routines involving the outer and inner screens.

13. Fold Always On Display

If the screen folding status is closed, then set the always-on display to on, turn off quick sharing, and turn on NFC for payments on the go.

completely closed routine in samsung galaxy phones

14. Fold Open

Also, if the screen folding status is open, then turn on Do Not Disturb. This way, you can truly experience the big screen by watching your favorite series in peace.

turn on DND if screen is completely open, folding routine in samsung galaxy phones

Best Bluetooth Routines

15. Car Bluetooth

If your phone is connected to your car’s Bluetooth, then location will be enabled automatically. This is my personal favorite, you don’t ever have to worry about turning it on or off while commuting in your car.

turn on location when you connect to car bluetooth routine in samsung galaxy phones

You can customize similar routines to do any action from the action list by specifying what should happen once your phone connects to a Bluetooth device.

16. Bluetooth Device

Nobody likes blaring music at full volume when you first plug in your earphones. For the same purpose you can program a smart routine and it goes like this. If the phone is connected to Bluetooth earphones, then decrease Bluetooth volume to 32%.

reduce volume when you connect a bluetooth device routine in samsung galaxy phones and tablets

17. Bluetooth Speaker

If you like to listen to music while also scrolling through TikTok or Instagram, then you can set up a routine to separate app audio for each app. For example, If the phone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker, then separate app audio for YouTube Music, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

separate app sounds with routine in samsung galaxy phones and tablets

Best Routines using GoodLock Routine+

Good Lock, a customization app developed by Good Lock Labs and in cooperation with Samsung, offers various modules and extensions that unlock additional UI features in your Galaxy phone and tablet.

A popular module from Good Lock is Routine+, a Modes & Routines extension that has additional features like running an action when you press a dedicated hardware key. You can read from our extensive guide on how to use Routine+ to create an advanced routine.

18. Power Always On Display

If you press and hold the power button, then Always On Display will be turned on using Routine+.

turn on always on display in samsung galaxy phones and tablets

An additional routine that goes well with this can be if you double tap the power button, then Always On Display will be turned off.

always on display off with double side key routine in samsung galaxy phones and tablets

If you keep changing the Always On Display setting to on or off, then this can be a quick way for you to change the setting without even looking at your phone.

19. Quick Video

Need a quick shortcut to start recording a video without even having to look? You can program the volume down button to open the camera and start recording a video as soon as you double-tap on it.

quick video routine

Use the touch-macro feature from Routine+ and you’re good to go. Pretty nifty to record videos of your favorite floor.

20. Quick Music

You can also create a routine to quickly start playing music. If you double tap the volume up button, open YouTube Music (or any music app), and start playing any song.

quick music routine

Pro Tip: You can direct the system to play from a specific playlist by recording which touch macros to use.

Route the Routines

You can use any of our mentioned routines to add subtle improvements to your digital life. And if something needs a change then you can customize these to fit your lifestyle the best.

On a side note, this is how you can use Dynamic Island on Samsung Galaxy Phones.

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