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This Free AI Tool Removes Background From Videos But Has A Catch

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Unscreen is a new free online tool that automatically removes the background from your videos. It comes from the same team that built the overly popular remove.bg. We at TechWiser have been using remove.bg every now and then to save time while making video thumbnails.

This Free AI Tool Removes Background From Videos

Similar to remove.bg, Unscreen works well and is pretty great when it comes to removing edges of distinct subjects. It works on the same AI-background removal tool Kaleido. You can either choose one of your own videos or search videos from Giphy. Post-processing, you also get a bunch of solid color backdrops and images to attach to the video.

As of now, the only drawback with Unscreen is the video-limit and the watermark. The tool is capable of handling 5-secs videos only. Even if you provide it a larger video, it will process only the first 5-secs. Moreover, it can only output in GIF or PNG(for images) which again is a major bummer. However, the site promises to come with an Unscreen Pro subscription model that would eliminate all of these problems. As of now, you can subscribe to stay tuned about it.

We tried a bunch of videos on the site to test out the AI-based background removal. We started off with the popular Shia LaBeouf green-screen video. Quite expectedly, it did a decent job while handling a solid color background. The edges were slightly clipped and a black spot at the start. It’s quite similar to any other green-screen removal tool.

Shia-LaBeouf-green-screen--unscreen - remove video background online

Next, we slightly bumped up the complexity and tried one of our TW videos with a complex background. Owing to the lesser moment of the body, the edge detection on Kaushal was pretty excellent. It took a part of the 3D printer which was in focus to be part of the foreground. This can easily be masked out in Final Cut Pro.



By far, the AI seems to be working on detecting the foreground and background based on what’s in focus and what’s not. So, again I tried it on a video with a flat background and more head moment. The resulting output is surprising. The engine was able to quickly detect the moving subject and then decide its edges. It still didn’t do a perfect cut but a good job nonetheless.

The-Truth-Behind-Rooting-Andro-unscreen - remove video background online

Now, to give the tool a bit of challenging job I tried a short GIF of my roommate’s cat. It did a shoddy job but I wouldn’t mind putting a fancy background and sharing it on Instagram.


As of now, the tool isn’t something to write wonders about. The only usage I find is making funny GIFs and sharing them on Instagram. However, like every AI tool, the engine learns over time. It still has some distance to cover to reach the heights of remove.bg. It’s really amazing to see AI coming down to simple consumer tools like image removal, video editor, etc. Another fun GitHub project I saw this past week would remove humans from real-time webcam feed.

Privacy Policy

Unscreen promises the videos are not being stored on any of their servers. As soon as the processing is complete, the video footage is deleted. It is neither shared with third-party apps or published on any other source. They only collect usage statistics (IP Address, date-time stamp, etc) in order to improve their tool.

For more issues or queries, let me know in the comments below.

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