Make Photo Square Without Cropping – Online Tool

Update: Initially, this post was written for Instagram, when they only allow square photos. But this post is still valid for if you want to make photo square for other purposes.

Instagram only allows square photos. If you upload a landscape image, you will have to crop it. Now there are a plethora of mobile applications that apply padding to the picture and make it square. But what if you are using Instagram on your computer?

How to Avoid cropping on Instagram

You can easy do that with image editing software like photoshop or gimp. But this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially for ‘not so tech savvy’ people.

A year ago, there was this online tool from — (link dead) to generate square images. But it no longer works now. But there is a new solution now. You can use online image editor from pixlr. The whole process quite simple and take less a minute. So let’s check it out.

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1. Go to pixlr and select the second option i.e. open image from your computer and upload the picture you want to edit.

Avoid cropping on Instagram with pixlr

2. Once done, go to image > canvas size. Drag the anchor in the middle and then make the width and length equaly.

For instance, if the original image resolution is 600*300, change the canvas width to 600.

change canvass size

3. And that’s it. See the preview and download it. Simple, Right?

Or see this step by step gif.

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